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What Channel is ABC on Cox?

Entertainment for kids and adults both- something that ABC offers. The network has its names channels to keep the little ones as well as the grownups busy. In case you find it hard to believe, Google it. Or subscribe to ABC on Cox to see the whole channel lineup that the network offers. Not only this but you will also get something to tickle your funny bone with ABC Comedy on Cox. Apart from that, you can choose to subscribe to other channels like Fox as well.

ABC on Cox – A Complete Fun Package

Some of the most entertaining shows that you will find on ABC include American Idol and Shark Tank. ABC is one of the most prominent networks to exist. The shows that air on the various channels that the network has under its name answer why. Apart from these very popular shows, you can tune into ABC to watch Grey’s Anatomy and The Rookie. It’s like you don’t really need any other channel for entertainment if you have ABC. You can select from the Cox cable packages to see which one suits your needs.

The various packages that you can choose from include TV Starter, Contour Flex, Contour TV, and Contour TV Ultimate. You will get ABC as a part of any package that you subscribe to. Apart from that, you will also get access to channels like CBS, and NBC in every package. So, you do not have to worry about not getting enough entertainment if you opt for the basic package. You can get access to premium channels at a low cost.

Not only will you be able to watch reality Cox TV shows, but also comedy shows with ABC Comedy. Here’s your channel guide to ABC and what channel to find it on in different states.

Channel Name Las Vegas, Nevada New Orleans, Louisiana Richmond, Virginia Phoenix, Arizona
ABC 13 11 13 15


ABC Comedy on Cox For Some Tickkles

Some of the best shows to air on this channel include Modern Family and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Almost everyone is familiar with the Emmy winning show Modern Family that aired on ABC for the first time in 2009. This comedy show that narrates what happens in the lives of well… a modern-day family is one of ABC’s longest-running show. Apart from acclaimed shows like these, ABC Comedy on Cox also brings to you shows like The Middle and Fresh off the Boat. The channel is an entertainment package in itself.

And in case you do not enjoy this genre, ABC Me on Cox brings the kids some entertaining shows as well. Because what entertains the adults might not please the kids (maybe). Plus the kids should not be exposed to much at an early age.

ABC Me on Cox

You might not find shows like The Suite, Life of Zack, and Cody or That’s so Raven on ABC. These were some of Disney’s hit shows. But the shows that the channel airs won’t disappoint you. The famous series that you can choose to watch include:

  • Wow That’s Amazing
  • Stacked!
  • The Fairly OddParents
  • Shaun the Sheep

Not only this but if you tune into the website, you can get access to fun games that you can play online. Apart from that, you can also choose to watch the shows online. Therefore, not missing out on a single episode of your favorite shows.

However, if you are much younger than this age group, ABC has something for you too. ABC Kids on Cox is the answer to all that the kids ever wished or wish for. But remember that you should not fool yourself into thinking that the ABC channels are the only entertaining ones that Cox has to offer. You can choose from an array of other channels like Starz when you subscribe to Cox.

Since the focus of this blog is on the ABC network, here’s another channel that you get access to.

ABC Kids on Cox For the Kiddies

Like BabyTV, ABC kids have a lot of shows that aim at teaching the toddlers through fun activities. From rhymes to games, your little one will learn a great deal through this channel. All you have to do is look up for the Cox cable TV guide online or call a rep to guide you through. Choose the most suitable package and then set your little one down while he relishes rhymes on ABC Kids. Some of the famous shows that you’re the channels airs include My School Day and Colors.

In case you have any queries or confusion regarding the packages or how to subscribe to ABC or any other channel, feel free to contact Cox customer service. The reps will be more than glad to guide you.


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Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site.

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, we have made all the required efforts towards obtaining owner/publisher approval for the use of images in VISIONECLICK.COM blog posts. However, if you find violations of any sorts regarding any image, please feel free to contact us. Prices and packages mentioned may vary with time and the specific locations.

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