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What Channel is ABC on DIRECTV?

What Channel is ABC on

Does Netflix make it to the list or do you do with the channels that your cable service provider offers? Well if you rely on your service provider’s choice, then DIRECTV channel lineup is pretty reliable. You will get access to some of the most entertaining channels. The list includes ABC. This is a popular choice among people these days as the channel has to offer shows from a variety of genres. Subscribing to a package that allows you to watch ABC on DIRECTV will be categorized as a wise decision on your part.

ABC on DIRECTV- What am I subscribing to?

If you subscribe to ABC, you will be able to watch some of the best original series by the channel. ABC categorizes the shows that it airs under the genres:

  • Drama- Some of the popular series are Army Wives, Brothers and Sisters, Felicity and The Fix.
  • Comedy- If you want to tickle your funny bone, then you would surely want to tune into ABC at times that the channel airs some of the most hilarious shows. These include 8 Simple Rules, American Koko, Benched, Family Tools and The Neighbors.
  • Reality- In case you want to take a taste of the real world out there, the reality shows will offer you just that. And not to forget the drama and entertainment that come as appetizing sides to this entrée. Some of the popular shows in this genre include The Bachelor, All My Gay Friends Are Getting Married, Boston EMS and Closet Raiders.

ABC offer

It’s like you name it and it’s there. Serving every mood of yours, ABC has to offer some of the finest shows to keep your eyes glued to your screens and your butts to the couches. You can also tune into CBS on DIRECTV while you comfortably seat yourself. Not to forget ESPN on DIRECTV that is heaven for any sports fanatic.

In case you are wondering, almost all the packages that DIRECTV offer has ABC as a channel option. Except for the most basic package, that is ‘Select.’ Other than that, all the packages including Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate and Premier give you access to ABC. You will also get access to other channels like Fox on DIRECTV as a part of these packages. For all those wondering, here is a channel guide for you as well.

Channel Name New York, Orlando, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts
ABC Family on DIRECTV 311 (SD/HD)


Fancy some Family Time? ABC Family on DIRECTV is the right choice!

In case you are a subscriber already and fail to find ABC Family on DIRECTV, worry not, the channel has been renamed. You will now find the channel with the name of ‘Freeform.’ Disney took this initiative and changed the name of its channel. It hopes to reflect the content of the channel in a more edgy way with this new name. This shift became a necessity after the channel became the number 1 choice among women aged between 18 and 34. Therefore, the name of the channel (particularly the second half) acted as an obstacle. This is because the content of the shows aired on this channel do not quite sync with the name.

Pretty Little Liars

Some of the many shows that the teens enjoy watching on ABC Family include Pretty Little Liars. This show has not much to do with the family. Hence, the change in name. Looking at the nature of this change, the channel should have waited to see the response of the audience over the name.

However, this wasn’t a big deal for ABC as it keeps evolving its content. Anyhow, some of the famous shows, apart from Pretty Little Liars, that you can catch on Freeform include The Fosters and Switched at Birth.

However, if you wish to have access to more seasons, you can also subscribe to Lifetime on DIRECTV.


A major reason why you should choose ABC as your preferred network is that it also offers a channel for kids. So, if you have a toddler or a little kid in your house, you would not want to expose them to the ‘adult’ content. ABC has you covered with this option.

You can show your little one all the latest rhymes or teach him the numbers and colors while he plays with the toys in his room. This is a great learning experience and you do not have to do much when your baby is old enough to go to school. He will already be equipped with the knowledge. Some of the famous shows and games that your little ones can learn from include:

  • Jam Badge
  • Global Glitch
  • Dragon Dance
  • Meet Charlie

However, do not think that ABC is the only premier channel that DIRECTV has to offer. Some of the other channels that are worth subscribing to include ESPN, Starz, and Showtime. So, the variety of channels should be reason enough for you to opt for this company. Apart from that, a very important factor to consider should be the customer service and AT&T Customer service is one of the best. It ranks at number 1 when it comes to the courteousness of the reps.


Channel number can be different for your designated location. These numbers were taken from the official website and last updated March-2019

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