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What Channel Is ABC On Optimum?

ABC On Optimum

The ABC network is the flagship channel amongst the Walt Disney Television channel lineup. ABC on Optimum enjoys higher rankings than most other networks due to its programming. Though the channel airs some of the most popular acquired shows. This channel also has an arsenal of quality original content, some of which enjoys a cult following.

Where Can I Find ABC on Optimum?

Finding ABC on Optimum is not as difficult as you may think. it is one of the most popular channels and also one of the oldest. Considering it began life in the 1930s as a radio network. And switched to aired television in 1948. Making it one of the earliest national television networks still in existence today.

Though many other channels have come and gone since, ABC remains and so you can usually find it amongst the first few channels on the Optimum channel guide.

Channel Name Wall, South Dakota Southern Westchester, New York, Morris, Minnesota
ABC (WABC) 7 7


What if I Can’t Find My City/State in the Table?

The US is a big country, with many states and even more cities. So if your city or state is not mentioned in the table then click here to find in your area.

Why Are So Many ABC Channels ‘Unavailable’?

A common mistake people make is confusing the American Broadcasting Company with the Australian Broadcasting Company. That’s because of the similar initials. Online searches can make you think that the American ABC has launched newer channels. But searching for them is futile since the Australian ABC channels aren’t available in the US.

For future reference, these ABC channels are part of the Australian Broadcasting Company:

  • Comedy
  • Kids
  • ME
  • Sports

Where Can I watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show began its broadcasting career with ABC. The first show aired back in 2001. But then moved to CBS between 2001 till 2017. The latest annual special was released in 2018. While it is confirmed that the next annual special will also be aired on ABC, the dates are not.

Where Can I watch the NBA Finals?

Did you know you that ABC has a tie-up with ESPN? That’s how you can enjoy watching the Toronto Raptors take over the NBA Finals. Its programming is not only focused on shows. Its programming lineup is designed to let you enjoy your TV watching experience thoroughly. And sport is a big part of it. Whether you’re watching the games with friends, or enjoying family bonding time. This channel has you covered all the way.

Popular Shows on ABC

Most of ABCs programming includes original content. But you can also enjoy some of the popular acquired series as well. So you are never out of shows to enjoy. If you are an Optimum subscriber then you likely have one of the best DVRs. So you can record the shows you missed during the day.

Here is a list of some of the series that you should be following:

  1. The Rookie

The Rookie is an ABC original drama series. Do you think you would have the courage in your 40s to start a new career path? John Nolan did. He joined the LAPD as the oldest rookie in their history. The series follows Nolan as he learns to navigate his way through the dangers in the line of duty.

  1. Black-ish

Black-ish is yet another ABC Original sitcom which has been on air since 2014. It follows the lives of the Johnson family as they lead an upper-middle-class existence. The show is full of laughter, tears, with a little bit of suspense in the mix. The show is so popular that ABC had to order two spin-off shows as well.

  1. Modern Family

Modern Family was a first of its kind show when it premiered in 2009. The popular series revolves around the Pritchett family which extends to three families. The father, Jay Pritchett has his second family whom he lives with. The daughter, Claire is married with 3 children as well. And has a brother Mitchell who marries and starts a family with his flamboyant spouse, Cameron.

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