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What Channel is ACC Network on Cox?

The ACC Network on Cox is one of the latest and most exciting new sports TV options in the United States. Owned and operated by ESPN, the channel has dedicated its programming to cover the Atlantic Coast Conference or the ACC. Subscribers can find it on all major cable providers, however, the availability and position of the ACCN channel may vary based on your location.

Where Can I Find the ACC Network on Cox?

Cox is one of the largest and most popular cable providers in the United States, with coverage in 18 states across the country. The provider offers a number of excellent cable packages, which come with a diverse channel selection, based on the plan you subscribe to. Three of the provider’s most popular Cox TV packages include the TV Starter, Contour Flex, Contour TV, and Contour TV Ultimate.

In September, Cox Communications and the Walt Disney Corporation (which owns ESPN and ACCN) reached an agreement. Cox now offers the ACCN channel in all markets it covers. However, you need to subscribe to the Contour TV Ultimate plan to get it, along with 250+ other options including TBS.

You can find the ACC Network on Cox at the following channels:

City, State SD HD
San Diego, CA 336 1336
Phoenix, AZ 300 1300
Pensacola, FL 79 1079
Boulder City, NV 389 1389

You can check all Cox channels lineup list here.

What Does the Network Air?

The channel is under the ownership of ESPN and operates from ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, CT. It has scheduled to carry over 1,300 sporting events every year. The channel has also expanded to include up to 20 college basketball games in the 2019-20 season.

One of the best shows the network airs is one hosted by Wes Durham and Mark Packer. Packer and Durham air every morning, while the network also airs All ACC which serves as a general ACC sports news segment. The Huddle airs during football season every Friday night and Saturday morning. In addition, ACC Network Extra airs sports events on ESPN Watch that the channel did not broadcast on TV. There may also be sports documentaries. Not like the docudramas on CW, but then, the channel is dedicated to sports after all.

Anything Other than Live Sports?

The network isn’t just about broadcasting live ACC games and events. It comes with a mix of weekly talk shows to review the sporting events of the week, as well as another special programming. While you won’t find entertainment content like the Paramount Network on it, there are still tons of special entertainment.

Building on the popularity of documentaries on other sports, the network will offer sports documentaries The Class that Saved Coach K. Other documentaries scheduled to air include The Bowden Dynasty, ACC Traditions, and Unbelievable: Virginia’s Improbable Path To a Title.

Does the Network Have an App?

Currently, there is no standalone ACC network app, nor has ESPN confirmed or denied if we will see one in the future. However, the network does have its own digital platform for airing content it does not broadcast. This platform is known as ACCN Extra or ACCNX. The platform is available to subscribers with an ESPN subscription both online as well as on the ESPN app.

To the best of our knowledge, the channel numbers and programming listed above are accurate at the time of this writing. However, channel positions and availability may vary based on your city and state. Call us to talk to a representative about the complete Cox channel lineup available in your area.


Will ACCN look similar to ESPN channels?

Following the high standards ESPN has set for sports programming, it will have consistently high production quality.

Will ACCN be 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Yes, the network will air programming related to the ACC 24/7.

How many football games will be aired on ACCN?

Every season the network promises to air around 40 football games. In addition, the network will also air spring games.

Will ACCN air high school football games?

The network will not air high school football fixtures.

What is ACC Network Extra?

It is the network’s digital streaming platform, available on the ESPN app as well as ESPN Watch. It airs content that the network did not broadcast on television.

Can you watch the ACC Network on the ESPN app?

Yes, you can stream it on a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. using the ESPN App.

Who carries ACC Network Extra?

You will have access to it through the ESPN app if you are a pay-TV subscriber.

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