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Apple TV: Everything You Need to Know

Apple TV

What we have at present is the golden age of TV. Not only is there a race between channels to get to the top spot, but the streaming service providers are a part of it as well. Today, people have access to gazillion channels and just as many ways to watch it.

Investing in Apple TV is one way of introducing yourself to an amazing TV watching experience. Here is all that you need to know about it.

Apple TV- the History

The first-ever Apple TV came out in 2006. The huge box, limited features and an inability to sync content without iTunes are the aptest descriptions of the first Apple TV. But one always learns from mistakes. And so did Apple. The company fixed the issue in the following version that hit the shelves in 2008. The upgrade meant that users could download content apart from streaming photos.

Other than that, the company introduced the Remote App in it’s App Store. This meant that users could download the app and use their iPod Touch or iPhone as a remote. Synchronization support between the various devices was also a major part of this upgrade.

Second Generation

In 2010, Apple introduced the 2nd Generation Apple TV. It was the first that ran on iOS. Apart from fixing the little glitches, the company also introduced a compact TV box. The case that was half the size of the original came in black color. The highlight of this version was the introduction of internal flash storage. This meant that content would now be streamed and not stored.

Third Generation

3rd Generation TV came out in 2012 with the same attractive TV box. While the external elements remained the same, the internal elements got an upgrade. The CPU came with a single-core A5 processor. It supported content from Netflix and iTunes in 1080p quality. RAM also got upgraded to 512MB. Apart from all these, the user face up-gradation meant that users could now navigate through the TV with ease.

However, you could still not watch content from some of the streaming services like Philo TV.

Fourth Generation

Three years later, in 2015, the 4th Generation Apple TV got revealed. It was a bit bigger compared to the previous versions with a dual-core A8 processor. Other than that, Apple introduced an operating system for the TV – the tvOS. The introduction of the touch remote made the already beautiful Apple TV look even prettier to the eyes.

The 4th Generation TV just like iPhones came in two storage versions – 32GB and 64GB. This meant that Apple TV no longer had a hard drive. The TV just buffers for you the content that you wish to stream. However, if you need your TV for purposes more than just watching shows (like gaming), you would need a 64 GB version.

The introduction of the 4th Generation TV also meant bidding farewell to the older versions.

The 4th Generation Apple TV – Features

The following is a list of all that your Apple TV comes equipped with:

  • TV box
  • Siri remote
  • Power cord
  • Lighting-to-USB cable

You do not have to worry much about using your TV set as the intuitive interface allows you to do so with ease. However, it is always a good idea to read the manual that comes along to explore the hidden features. Remember the more features you make use of, the more fun using Apple TV becomes.

Some of the things that you should examine before setting the TV are the connections. You will find them at the back of the TV. The set itself is very light at less than a pound. Other features include HDMI 1.4 port, USB port, built-in power supply, and an IR receiver.

Hardware and Software in Detail

Siri Remote

By using the special ‘Siri’ button on the remote you can use the feature on the latest Siri Remote. You won’t find it similar to using Siri on the iPhone. Although different, you will find it easy to adapt to the use of Siri remote.

The Siri remote comes packed with a lot of features including Bluetooth, IR transmitter, rechargeable battery to last you months upon a single charge, and a glass touch surface. The buttons are beautifully lined in a row on the glass surface. The remote also has two microphones for Siri to function properly.

It becomes easy to look for channels and programs with the Siri remote. Even using apps is easy. For example, saying Sling TV into the remote will open the app for you.  You can make the best use of the Siri remote when you are not sure what you are looking for. Just say a word or phrase and Siri remote will display every possibility before you.


Almost everyone relies on apps as a preferred source of watching TV these days. But what good would a TV be if it does not support your favorite apps? There was a time when Fubo TV was not available on Apple TV but now it is. Hence, making for a better streaming experience.

As streaming services are becoming more popular, individuals do not subscribe to a single service alone. This creates problems when they have to log into various services every time. Apple TV eases out this process for the user. All you have to do is store your account information once. The Single-Sign-on feature will ensure that the same information gets applied across all platforms. Hence, simplifying the viewing experience for you.

Another amazing feature is the synchronization of the devices with the TV. If you watched some part of a movie on iPad and want to watch the rest on Apple TV, you can continue from where you left.

Other Features

Some of the other features that you get o relish with your Apple TV include:

  • Support for disable individuals
  • Home automation
  • Video games
  • Apple TV airplay
  • Inclusion of local channels

However, the local channels’ list is limited. But you can always log in to your Hulu Live TV or another streaming service to make up for that.

The Takeaway

Apple TV, without a doubt, is a one-stop-shop for everything TV. Investing in the set will ensure that you can do even with cord-cutting.

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