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AT&T Fiber Availability Map and Locations

AT&T Fiber

The company offers its high-speed internet service across 22 states in the US. It provides DSL internet for approximately 119 million Americans. This makes it the biggest DSL providers for residential consumers in terms of area covered. Other than DSL services, the company also offers fixed wireless and AT&T fiber internet services. It is the second largest fiber-optic broadband provider in the US, based on its coverage area. The company’s fiber network is focused primarily in densely populated urban and suburban areas. To find out if you are located in an area covered by the AT&T fiber network, check out the map below.

AT&T Fiber availability Map

AT&T Fiber Internet Locations

Among various locations in 22 states covered by the AT&T fiber optic network are the following densely populated locations:

Cities with Fiber coverage


AT&T Fiber Plans AT&T Fiber Pricing AT&T Fiber Plans Speed
Internet 100 $50/mo.* 100 Mbps
Internet 300 $70/mo.* 300 Mbps
Internet 1000 $90/mo.* 1000 Mbps
Limited availability in select areas. May not be available in your area. Go to to see if you qualify.
*For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.


AT&T Fiber Austin

The company delivers lightning-fast internet speeds in Austin, Texas through its 100% fiber-optic network. If you’re living in Austin, you could be in a position to change your internet experience forever. Experience unparalleled download speeds that open up the full potential of the internet, all at your disposal. Imagine having enough speeds to download your favorite HD-quality movies in less than a minute. Or you could download a bunch of the most popular musical hits of the year in just a few seconds. Gamers can rejoice with a high-speed, low-latency, reliable connection that makes there gaming experience noticeably better. It doesn’t matter if you use the internet to surf, browse, stream, download or play games. The company’s advanced network works for all internet activities and behaviors. Enjoy the AT&T fiber internet in Austin!

AT&T Fiber San Antonio

The high-speed fiber-based internet is now available in multiple areas of San Antonio, Texas. The company offers residents the opportunity to upgrade from existing DSL providers to a 100% fiber network. Residents get to surf the internet, play games, download movies and videos in HD all at amazing speeds. The premier Internet 1000 offers speeds reaching up to 1Gig, which allow users to download a 90-minute HD-quality movie in less than 34 seconds. An average person spends much longer deciding what to download than the time it actually takes to download with Internet 1000. Citizens of San Antonio, Texas are covered by the company’s advanced fiber network, which offers blazing-fast speeds. The AT&T fiber internet can also be bundled with U-verse TV to get the best internet experience!

AT&T Fiber Houston

The people of Houston, Texas deserve access to high-speed fiber internet, which is exactly what the company aims to provide. Citizens of Houston fall under the areas covered by the company’s solid fiber-optic network. If you live in this great city, you too can transform your internet lifestyle and behavior. The company’s 100% fiber network offers speeds reaching up to 1Gig! These unparalleled, lightning-fast speeds mean your expectations from the internet will never be the same again. To really supplement your experience, bundle the blazing fast fiber internet package of your choice with DirecTV or U-verse TV. Unlock an online experience like no other provider offers in your area. If you are looking for an upgrade to your digital lifestyle, high-speed fiber is the way to go.

AT&T Fiber Charlotte

People often are forced to put their lives on hold because of unreliable, patchy internet services. For the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, this is about to change. If you live in the area, you too can now experience another level of internet service. The company offers high-speed fiber internet services in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the premium package reaching speeds up to 1Gig. That’s 1000 Mbps! Imagine what you could do with all that speed, almost 10 times more than the traditional broadband internet. Want to download songs? That will happen in seconds! Want to download and watch a movie? That happens in a fraction of the time you take to decide what HD movie you want to watch! Backed by a solid service history and customer satisfaction, the company will forever change your idea of the internet.

AT&T Fiber San Diego

San Diego is one of the most happening cities in California. It is full of gorgeous beaches and has the perfect weather for most of the year. “America’s Finest City” just got better with the company’s advanced fiber network, giving high-speed internet to its citizens. Now you can video call your friends and family, watch movies or work from your home office. All at amazingly fast fiber internet speeds reaching up to 1Gig! Whether you want to download content from the internet, share files with people or stream HD videos, it happens fast. To sweeten the deal, you can bundle the company’s fiber internet with DirecTV or U-verse TV for a well-rounded experience. Get in touch with us today to upgrade to one of the largest fiber networks in the country.

Internet Provider Equipment In-home Wi-Fi service  Free Wi-Fi activation
AT&T Included Included Included
SPECTRUM Included Costs extra Costs extra
SPECTRUM Costs extra Included Included
COX Costs extra Included Included


AT&T Fiber Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky is the home of everyone’s favorite fried chicken chain, KFC. It is also known for the Louisville Cardinals athletic teams and Slugger bats. But what Louisville is really about to be known for is access to one of the best high-speed fiber-optic networks. Residents of the city looking to upgrade to a fast and reliable provider should look no further. The company now offers a range of fiber internet plans in Louisville reaching up to 1Gig! With so much speed at your disposal, there is not much you can’t do. Whether you want to use it for streaming, downloading, voice/video calling or even gaming, there is nothing to stop you. The company also allows you to bundle it’s fiber internet with TV, giving you a wider entertainment experience than ever before. Start a new internet journey now!

AT&T Fiber Raleigh

The “City of Oaks”, Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina. The company’s advanced digital network has moved to bring residents of Raleigh into the fold. It offers a range of high-speed, dependable fiber internet with speeds that reach up to 1000Mbps! That is several times faster than traditional DSL providers in the area! If you are a resident of Raleigh, this is a golden opportunity to upgrade your internet service. Get high dependability and speeds up to 1Gig, transforming the way you use the internet. Downloading movies in HD only takes a small fraction of the time you spend selecting what movie you want. Enjoy quality gaming time with low latency, while rocking out to your favorite songs downloadable in just a few seconds. To go a step further, bundle it with TV and unlock a diverse viewing experience. Call now to find the best plan for you!

AT&T Fiber San Jose

San Jose, the most populated part of the bay in sunny California, is thought to be the state’s first sizeable settlement. Today it is a bustling metropolis, full of a diverse population of people. Residents of San Jose are now within the company’s advanced 100% fiber network. Customers can enjoy lightning-fast fiber internet speeds that reach up to the 1Gig mark. With a range of different fiber internet plans available, San Jose residents can enter a new digital landscape. Blazing-fast speeds, backed by a strong reputation and customer satisfaction aim to lead San Jose to the internet much faster. If you are a resident of the city, brace yourself to upgrade to the most reliable and extensive fiber-optic network in the country. Stream, download & play with no worries. To find the best plan for you, give us a call!

AT&T Fiber Nashville

“Music City”, Nashville is home to some of the greatest country and rock music in the nation. The Athens of the South is now within the coverage of the company’s sophisticated and advanced fiber network. Residents of Nashville can enjoy playing and downloading their favorite country tunes and rock songs in just a few seconds. Speeds reached up to 1000 Mbps make this very simple. You can also enjoy downloading HD-quality video content, online gaming on your favorite platforms and more. With so much bandwidth at your disposal, there is very little you can’t accomplish with the internet. If you are a resident of Nashville and getting worst internet service then this is the time to upgrade. The company offers a range of fiber internet plans that meet most internet usage patterns. All backed by a stellar reputation in terms of dependability and AT&T customer service.

AT&T Fiber Atlanta

Atlanta is a wonderful city, with a rich heritage of music, hospitality, and sports. The company is now aiming to bring the 470,000 odd residents of the city onto its 100% fiber-optic network. Residents of Atlanta who have been suffering under unreliable, sporadic connectivity can now celebrate! The company offers a range of fiber internet plans, with the premium plan reaching speeds up to the 1Gig mark. Do more of what you love on the internet, faster and with reliability. The company has a hard-earned reputation of dependability and strong customer satisfaction, which it is bringing to Atlanta. Residents can upgrade to one of the largest and most consistent fiber networks in the country. To find the fiber internet plan that fits your usage needs best, give us a call!

AT&T Fiber Chicago

Chicago is famous for its deep-dish pizzas and delicious hotdogs. The city that is home to architectural marvels like the Sears Tower is now part of the company’s fiber network. People living in the Windy City are now in a position to say a final goodbye to their unreliable providers. The company offers a diverse selection of fiber internet plans, suited to meet varying internet needs. Experience more of the internet activities you love. Download, stream, play and do just about anything with sufficient bandwidth and high speeds. Backed by its dependability and consumer satisfaction history, it is one of the best fiber providers to get onboard. To find the best fiber internet plan for you, pick up the phone and give us a call.

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