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How to Speed Up Your AT&T WiFi Instantly

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You are watching your favorite show online seated comfortably on your couch when the video stops playing or starts buffering. The worst nightmare becomes a reality and your AT&T WiFi speed slows down. Something you’d not expect from a prominent company. Although the chances of such an episode taking place are low, you might sometimes experience it.

The issue will most probably get fixed from your end too. Here are reasons for slow Wi-Fi at times and hacks to fix it.

Reasons for Slow AT&T Wi-Fi Speed

Interference of Any Sort

If your router is in a room that has many interferences, then the chances that your Wi-Fi’s speed will slow down are high. The barrier can be in the form of metal objects and walls. Placing the router in a dead corner could also hinder the uniform spread of signals.

Modem Posing Problem

At times, there is nothing technical about the speed slowing down. When you do not find any apparent issue, the modem might be the culprit.

Overcrowding of Devices

Another reason why your Wi-Fi fails to please you with the promised speed is too many devices connected to one router. Overcrowding affects speeds and you might be facing the same issue.

Having mentioned the possible reasons for the sluggish Wi-Fi, here is how to speed up AT&T WiFi:

Easy Hacks to Speed Up the Wi-Fi

The solutions are easy and simple. In many cases, you won’t even need help to fix an issue at hand.

Reduce Network Traffic

Most of the time, if not all, network traffic is the major cause behind the sluggish Internet connection. The best part is that you can easily resolve this issue. In case you are wondering what this problem is – connecting too many devices to one Internet connection is the network traffic issue. This affects your Internet speed by a considerable amount.

The instant solution to this problem is disconnecting the extra devices from your Wi-Fi connection. The moment you do so, you will notice a change in the speed. The reason why connecting to many devices is an issue is that every device takes its share from the Internet signal. Having said so, each device is using the Internet for a different purpose. Some might use it for gaming, others might just be streaming. Hence, putting a burden on the connection.

Another reason for the slow Internet speed is too many applications open at one time. For example, many videos or apps open in the background. You may not realize but it affects the speed by a great deal. Therefore, always keep a check on all the background app. Close them often to avoid any inconvenience.

Avoid Obstructions

Be very thoughtful when placing your router in your home. You do not want to keep it at a place that has too many obstructions around. Some of the materials that cause obstruction include metals. So, keep your modem as far from metals and magnets as possible. As they do not allow the Wi-Fi signals to pass through.

Resetting the Modem

At times, just resetting the modem resolves the issue. All have to do is press the red button and hold it for some while until it resets. Switching off and then switching the modem back on may also help in some cases. This is also the first hack that you should try.

Know Your Plan

Keep yourself aware of the AT&T plan that you subscribed to and the features stated in it. At times, it so happens that a person does not know the speed that the selected plan offers. Upon noticing, you may realize that the current speed is not sufficient for you. Under such circumstances, you will have to upgrade to a new plan. That won’t be an issue either. The company makes it easy for you to switch plans. You won’t experience inconvenience or delays of any sort.

In case, any of the above-mentioned hacks do not resolve the issue, you can always connect to AT&T customer support at 1-855-850-5973. The reps will guide you better and resolve your issue in no time.

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