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What Channel Is BBC on Optimum?

BBC on Optimum

BBC News or BBC News Channel is perhaps the most popular news channel worldwide. It is one of the most reliable news channels and it has earned a great reputation over the years. This free-to-air British TV channel is a credible name in the news genre. It turned out to be the first competitor to the famous Sky News. BBC on Optimum is one of the most-watched channels in the country.

Let’s know some details about this incredible news network.

Trending News Worldwide with BBC on Optimum

Launched 22 years ago in 1997, BBC has emerged as one of the biggest news networks in the world. The credibility and name, which it has earned over time have made it unique. The slogan rightly says, “Britain’s most-watched news channel!” Viewers trust and rely on what they see on this channel. Today, it is more active and effective than ever, covering the trending news stories worldwide. You can imagine how popular it is by the fact that people in different countries of the world make sure BBC is essentially on their channel lineup.

Today, it has six sister networks, namely, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, CBBC, BBC Parliament, and CBeebies. Optimum is one of those cable TV providers in the United States that ensures airing most of its networks. You can also watch BBC World on Optimum in HD quality. Pertaining to the quality of channels and the reliability, no wonder every viewer wants to have BBC on their channel lineup.

Channel Name Channel Number
BBC America 101
BBC World News 104

Top Watch on BBC World on Optimum

The channel covers news from all parts of the world. But that’s not all. It is not just a mere news channel anymore. It hosts some incredible shows to perk up the interest of the viewers. You can’t consider it a dry news channel once you look at the titles mentioned below. Watch these amazing shows to take full advantage of your Optimum TV.

Check out the following shows. They are thoroughly entertaining and you will just love them.

Line of Duty

It is based on the corruption investigation. Two officers, Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott from anti-corruption unit 12 investigate various corruption cases. They take the help of Ted Hastings, the Superintendent to resolve these cases.

The Apprentice

Candidates are sent to Cape Town, South Africa, the best city in the world (according to the votes). They are sent 6,000 miles away from home under the watchful eyes of Claude Littner and Karren Brady. There, they will get the opportunity to capitalize on the flourishing tourism market. Amidst vineyard tours and safaris, you are going to love this show.


Another entertaining show. It is the story of how the residents of Albert Square in the East End of London deal with love, loss, and life. This popular soap opera greatly focuses on family relationships and a sense of belonging to the community. It also deals with some taboo topics like racial prejudice, rape, euthanasia, unemployment, homosexuality, and so on.

Inside No. 9

This show is full of darkly comic tales happening inside a building having a number 9. Innocent games lead to some chilling revelations and the unexpected turns and twists make this show a must-watch. If you are into the genre of horror, you shouldn’t miss this show.

Top Gear

For action junkies, this show is stunt-filled and fast-paced. This motor show tests the cars, both extraordinary and mundane. It is more of an enlightening show about the vehicles. It will tell you whether they are meeting the claims of the manufacturers. One of the longest-running shows on the network. They take you to various locations in the world and perform extreme challenges and stunts to assess the capability of the featured cars.

The celebrity guests make the show even more entertaining. Things do not go as planned quite often and that’s what adrenaline junkies love! The downside is that they sometimes end up having mechanical mishaps and broken bones with these experiments too.

Are you now considering subscribing to one of the Optimum deals already to enjoy these shows?  It sounds like a good idea!

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