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Try These Tips to Get The Best Internet for Gaming

best internet for gaming

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Have you invested in a high-end gaming rig? Your CPU and graphics card are on point. You have even got yourself a light-up mouse with as many as 19-programmed buttons. But you still experience lags and interruptions in your gaming sessions! That’s because you don’t have the best internet for gaming. Having a good internet subscription doesn’t mean it is good enough for gaming too.

Nothing puts off a gamer more than a lag right in the middle of a crucial gaming session, where you are about to reach your highest score in War Games. You hate it when your internet lags at that extremely critical moment. Especially if it was a multiplayer online game. At that time you even go to the extent of questioning your decision to invest so much in your gaming equipment! Or, why did you even bother to figure out the most popular video games? We can totally relate!

Let’s help you get stable internet and rescue you out of this misery!

Best Internet for Gaming Guide

Conventional wisdom may make you think that slow download speed is the sole cause of all your gaming glitches. In reality, you only need a faster internet speed than your average 25 Mbps when you are updating or downloading a new game. If you suffice with 25Mbps, the game will still eventually download. You need to understand what is considered a good internet for gaming.

When it comes to the best internet speed for online gaming, here are the pitfalls, which are ruining the whole gaming experience for you.

  • Fix the Jitter.
  • Sort the Latency Issues.
  • Check the Packet Loss.

Whether you are into strategy games, sports games, or war video games, you need to understand these jargons to ensure a better gaming experience.

Fix the Jitter

Jitter is the fluctuation in latency over time. It means that there can be a high deviation from the standard of average ping. Even a little variation in this tempo can greatly affect your game play. You may have ensured the best internet speed for gaming and streaming, but jitter can still be there.

You would have experienced a vivid choppiness that ruins the whole gaming rhythm. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate all your jitter frustrations and take you back to a smooth gaming experience. Remember, this can happen even if you have the best internet for gaming. Here’s what you can do:

  • Lousy jitters usually come with a poor internet connection.
  • You need to switch to a high-end and quality internet service.
  • Consider upgrading your router to have lesser jitter.
  • You can also wire your system directly with an Ethernet cable. It may be a little old-school but is a reliable hack.

Sort the Latency Issues

The standard definition of latency is the RTT (round-trip time) measure. Or, it is the measure of time for a bundle of info or packet to get from the device to the internet network and then back to the device. Ping is the program that can measure the latency. It is generally measured in microseconds. Take the analogy of a ping-pong ball. If that ball were the data packet, the time it takes to be thrown at your friend and then back to you would be latency.

If you are thinking now about one of the best internet packages for 2019 that you subscribed to with promising download speeds, then stop right there. Latency is not the download speed. It is different. Download speed measures the data you can download at a time. And latency is the measure of time that a data packet takes to travel back and forth.

Ideally, the RTT latency should be as low as 0 millisecond, which is rare. If it is under 40 milliseconds, it is considered excellent. While under 100 milliseconds is just okay. Higher than 100 milliseconds is too long.

  • Make use of an online tool, app, or site to check your latency.
  • The tool works the same way as the internet speed test.
  • If you have a latency problem, you need to get it fixed.
  • For a latency higher than 100 ms, consider getting in touch with your ISP and check for solutions.
  • If they are unable to ensure speed and latency suitable for your gaming, consider switching to a different ISP

Check the Packet Loss

Packet loss refers to a sudden loss or deletion of data packets while they are on their way back to your device or computer. This disappearance of data packets is called packet loss. It usually happens due to network congestion, outdated software, or spotty Wi-Fi.

Sometimes networks attempt to retrieve and send the packets back. For real-time formats, such as audio, video, and gaming, it does no good and makes it rather confusing. No one wants glitchy and frozen audio or video. Packet loss can be a great problem for audio and video calls. Businesses and offices already have switched to fiber internet providers of 2019, but again, packet loss can occur in any type of internet connection.  Here’s what you can do to deal with these packet loss problems:

  • Make sure you have updated software.
  • Switch from your Wi-Fi to Ethernet cable.
  • If you still don’t see any significant changes, consider switching to a different ISP.

Remember, all these problems have nothing to do with how expensive your internet plan is. You can even switch to an economical package and still not experience these problems. Consider searching “how to get affordable internet” and read reviews and user testimonials by seasoned gamers. You will know what to invest in!


– Is satellite internet good for online gaming?

No, it is not.

– Which is the best router for gaming?

There are many. Search and choose from a list of quality routers online.

– How many Mbps do I need for gaming?

Gaming is actually possible with download and upload speeds as low as 3 Mbps and 1 Mbps respectively.

– Is 100 Mbps good for gaming?

Yes, it is great. The average speed by any internet provider is 25 Mbps so you are good.

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