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What Channel is BET on DIRECTV?

What Channel is BET on DIRECTV

You will come across several TV networks that will offer channels catering to the various genres. Almost every network has a channel for news, sports, movies, business, etc. However, if you happened to have heard about BET (British Entertainment Television), you will be aware of the various channels under the network’s name. Subscribe to BET on DIRECTV if you are a fan of music and entertainment. Because all the channels that the network offers are full of entertainment.

If you are not aware of it, here’s all about BET.

BET on DIRECTV- Your Ticket to Ultimate Entertainment

BET is an American television channel that the BET Network owns. The unique thing about this channel is that it aims at providing entertainment to the American-African audiences. In fact, it is one of the most prominent channels in the states to cater to that segment. Almost 76% of the houses in States have access to this channel. The channel has not only given the entertainment of the audience but BET on DIRECTV is also responsible for providing the viewers with comedy, news and current affairs. If you wish to subscribe to DIRECTV and choose BET as your choice of channels, here’s a comprehensive table for you to guide you regarding the channel number.

This table will help you to see what channel number is BET on in different states.

Channel Name Boston, Massachusetts, New York, San Antonio, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Here are all the other channels that the network has to offer.

BET West on DIRECTV- Entertainment for the West Coast

BET West is not different than the original channel. The WEST part just caters to the coast the channel entertains- the West Coast. The theme, the timings and the shows that the channel features are the same on both channels. Some of the most prominent shows that you will find on BET WEST include:

  • American Soul
  • Boomerang
  • BET Breaks
  • Fighting Justice
  • House of Payne

BET West on DIRECTV guarantees to provide you with the ultimate form of entertainment when it comes to music, news, and style. You can even resort to the channel to get an update of what is happening in the celebs’ lives. Catch up on the hot gossip of H-Town. If you happen to visit the website, you can even choose to watch LIVE TV on the site.

Which means that you need to check for AT&T Fiber availability so that you can view the channel even when on the go.

Other than this, you can even tune in to the following channels from the BET Network if you subscribe to it.

BET Gospel on DIRECTV- Are You Religious?

Well, not exactly religious, but BET Gospel aims at providing gospel and inspirational programming to the audiences. The channel’s main focus is on mixing the classic as well as the new shows. But the theme of all these shows revolves around the Gospel. You will not find a show on the channel that is not Gospel oriented. In 2016, after a bit of revamping, the channel now also features music related to Gospel and other Gospel-themed specials and series. Some of the prominent shows that you will find on the channel include:

  • Lifted
  • Being
  • Celebration of Gospel
  • The Sheards

BET Gospel on DIRECTV is your ultimate guide to a spiritual journey if you believe in embarking on one. But in a rather fun way. The channel does not feature shows that are boring to the core.

However, if this is not your cup of tea, you can choose to tune into the following channels that BET Network offers.

BET Jams on DIRECTV- Where are all the Musicians at?

This channel is completely dedicated to music. All its features are hip-hop and urban contemporary music videos. It was formerly known as MTV Jams, so if you are still searching for that channel, let it be known to you that it is now called BET Jams. And if you happen to be a music fanatic, then you should definitely tune into BET Jams on DIRECTV. The channel will offer you entertainment throughout the day. The channel plays more videos than BET Soul does.

However, if you ever get bored with all the music world or the celeb news, you can choose to watch shows or movies on channels like SEC Network or AMC. DIRECTV offers a wide range of channels to the viewers.

And if you still think that BET Jams is not doing justice to your music needs, then you can tune into the following:

BET Soul on DIRECTV- Where the Party People at?

This channel features music videos as well. However, the genres differ from those on BET Jams. This channel not only features hip-hop but you will also find music videos related to R&B, Motown, funk, jazz, and neo-soul. Hence, making it your ultimate music partner. BET Soul on DIRECTV guarantees you unlimited entertainment with the latest as well as the classic music videos that it features.

You can even watch channels like Weather ChannelFX on DIRECTV if too much music irritates you. The company caters to the tastes of people having different tastes.

But if you are a girl who likes some spicy, hot gossip, then you should choose to tune into the following.

BET Her on DIRECTV- Where You come for Drama

If you think that you lack all the excitement and drama in your life, wait till you tune into this channel. It will provide you with the ultimate dose of nothing but drama and fights. BET Her on DIRECTV will offer you following shows to keep you entertained:

  • Ask Auntie
  • The Jet Set Files
  • From the Bottom Up
  • Black to Life

If you wish to subscribe to DIRECTV to have access to amazing channels like BET, call AT&T Customer service number. The reps will guide you well and help you make an informed decision.

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