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What Channel is BTN on Spectrum?

what channel is btn on spectrum

When it comes to sports enthusiasts, there are a few quality channels. Based in Chicago, BTN or Big Ten Network is one of the most popular sports networks in the country. BTN on Spectrum is dedicated to cover both, collegiate and national sports events. With BTN, you get to watch live as well as recorded sports events, analysis programs, news, and other sports-dedicated content. You will also be able to catch content based on the member schools of the Big Ten Conference.

Catch BTN on Spectrum for Non-Stop Action

The channel was first launched in 2007 and has been a constant success ever since. Basketball and football are the major sports aired by BTN. If you are wondering about BTN channel number on Spectrum and you are a subscriber, chances are that you have it on your channel list.

Check out the following Spectrum channel lineup to tune into BTN in your city and state.

City/State Channel Number
Albertville, AL 324
Bergen Co, NJ 382
Albany, NY 382
Charlotte, NC 382
Clarksburg, WV 264
Yakima, WA 822
Grand Island, NE 20
Carson City, NV 400
Cheyenne, WY 138
Milwaukee, WI 63
Barre, VT 764
Lancaster, NH 382
Duluth, MN 16
Austin, TX 382
Richlands, VA 247
St. Louis, MO 81
Billings, MT 138
Bangor, MN 382
Alcoa, TN 307
Corry, PA 27
Worcester, MA 335
Columbia, SC 382
Greensboro, NC 382
Greenville, MI 65
Bourg, LA 307
Akron, OH 34
Lexington, KY 527
Dallas City, OR 400

Must-Watch Shows on BTN on Spectrum TV

In addition, to live sports events and recorded highlights, you get to see plenty of quality shows to binge on. BTN TV shows boast of excellent content and sports fanatics will get to see all that they love. Some of the great shows are as follows.

The Standard Snowboard Show

Are you a fan of extreme sports? If yes, you are going to love this show. With BTN on Spectrum, you get to have HD picture quality to enjoy every moment of this action-packed sports in high resolution. This American sports TV series is in documentary style and is distinctly created for snowboarding fans. Filmed at various snowboarding sites across the globe including New Zealand and Canada, the documentary has become popular among the fans of this extreme sport.

Big Ten Tailgate

BTN on Spectrum TV brings this Friday night show. Initially, it was aired with the title Friday Night Tailgate that was later changed in reference to the name of the channel. The show takes a lighthearted approach and features college life during the peak football season. If you are up for some good humour, this show is a good pick.

Big Ten Icons

Do you want to know the facts about the inspirational athletes, players, and coaches? With Big Ten Network Spectrum, you get to see Big Ten Icons and have all the updates about the lives of outstanding players and coaches. The show covers all sports and a wide period of time. first aired in 2020, the first series had 20 episodes. Each episode featured a Big Ten college athlete. The first series was focused on athletes, while the second that came out in 2011 was based on coaches.

Some noteworthy names of coaches are Joe Paterno of Penn State, Tom Osborne of Nebraska, Dan Gable of Iowa, and Bo Schembechler of Michigan. Just like Bravo on Spectrum, you get to see BTN in high definition and enjoy every show with pristine picture quality.

Big Ten Football Saturday

BTN football shows are immensely popular. This show is aired on Saturdays and is based purely on football. The format of the show is pre-game, post-game, and half-game edition. The show focuses on airing the highlights of the day’s games during the intense college football season. In addition to that, you get to see discussions and analysis of the teams’ performance. The host is no other than Dave Revsine. And he is accompanied by famous analysts Gerry DiNardo and Howard Griffith.

Enjoy it with Big Ten Network Spectrum.

Big Ten Tonight

The show airs for 30 minutes every week. If you are unaware of the format of the show, it is more like SportsCenter on ESPN. This implies that you get to see the highlights as well as analysis of all the Big Ten sports events. So, tune into BTN channel number on Spectrum every week and enjoy catching up on all the significant events.

Make sure you have BTN on your channel lineup while you subscribe to a Spectrum package. It is available with Spectrum select package and the most basic ones. But it is a good practice to check if you are going to subscribe to one.

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