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Which Cable Companies Operate in California?

Cable companies in california

If you live in California and are trying to figure out the right cable TV service for yourself and your family, you need to thoroughly sift through the best cable companies in California and their offered features. There should be no compromise when it comes to the entertainment, because referring to the rushed and competitive nature of our contemporary lifestyles, we all deserve to indulge in regular doses of quality entertainment to rejuvenate and invigorate our sore and drained nerves. Entertainment, like sleep, revitalizes our brain and thought process every day, and makes us ready to face another new day and the challenges that follow, with full zest and zeal.

So, here we have made a careful selection of some of the top-quality cable companies in California for you to pick and enjoy your unlimited entertainment sprees.

Comcast / XFINITY

XFINITY takes the lead, if you want to consider each and every feature, from pricing to brilliance in channel line-up and budget-friendly entertainment solutions. Why? The reasons are pretty obvious and simple. With a massive number of more than 100 Entertainment, Sports and News channels, most of which are HD, Xfinity also offers a huge collection of On Demand Movies and TV Shows in most of their subscriptions. There are no frustrating term agreements and contacts, and their subscriptions are also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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They also offer TV on-the-go with their well-designed and nifty Stream App. And all these amazing features are available with their basic plans.  So, who wouldn’t want to indulge in quality entertainment, that offers so many incredible customized options and economical monthly billing schedules.


Cox cable is another big name, when it comes to quality Cable TV service provider. With a massive number of more than 130 Entertainment, News and Sports channels, (in most of their packages and plans) Cox offers many customized packages and plans as per tastes and preferences of entertainment genres of all the family members. They also offer a mighty number of 50+ TV Apps for on-the-go viewing.

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They even offer the benefit of choosing from 5 different types of equipment. So, consider Cox and indulge in quality screen time, and that too with affordable pricing features.


Being from Calif., most of the cable companies in California near you offer many subscription plans and customizable pricing features, which is quite lucrative. Frontier is another name, that ensures quality and reliability in Cable TV services. All your favorite entertainment genres are covered with the offering of a massive 190+ channels, in their basic plans, of which 105 channels are HD-enabled.

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Their fiber-optic connection ensures high-resolution picture-quality. The liberty to choose the channel packs of your favorite networks make it different from others. With their TV Everywhere App, you can stream hundreds of channels and TV shows at home or on-the-go.


CenturyLink cable claims to bring you best entertainment with their tailored Cable TV subscriptions, to fit your tastes and preferences. Most of their packages offer a huge number of channels from different entertainment genres. They offer more than 320 entertainment, news and sports channels and also, premium channels and HD channels.


With such a robust channel line-up, your entertainment cravings are bound to get fulfilled, and not to forget, the economical monthly pricing options that they offer, make things more appealing and lucrative.

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