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Can I Use Time Warner Cable’s Hardware Equipment with Other Companies

Electronic Equipments

In a nutshell, yes you can.

Time Warner Cable (or Spectrum’s) equipment catalogue covers 5 broad categories of devices, namely TV Cable Boxes, TV Remotes, Internet Modems, Internet Routers and Phone Modems. The greater bulk of these gadgets is not manufactured by the company itself, but provided by a range of authorized third-party vendors – and they provide optimal service performance in sync with TWC’s subscription plans.

When taking up a TWC paid service, subscribers have the option of either buying their preferred devices from the company, or leasing them for the duration of their service contract. When purchased in this manner, these devices prove their worth as an investment for the future, and provide full functionality with other Internet, Cable TV and Phone companies‘ services.

TWC’s authorized equipment providers include such names as Arris®, Motorola®, Samsung®, Phillips®, Toshiba® and Netgear® (among others).

When a subscription choice is made by a customer, the company provides complete information on which device (and manufacturer) is best suited to which service plan.

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