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What Channel is CBS on Cox?

The American market is a big advocate of Cox TV entertainment. Everybody knows a connoisseur of TV shows, movies, comedy sketches, and even the occasional horror flick. So is it any surprise that most Americans’ go-to source of entertainment is CBS on Cox? Headquartered in New York, the network operates and broadcasts from facilities in Los Angeles and New York City. The network has been around since the 1920s. Over the decades it has built up a history of high-quality entertainment content. If you’re a Cox subscriber looking for details, this blog may have some useful information to offer you.

CBS on Cox

CBS is an acronym for Columbia Broadcasting System, the corporation’s original name. Owned by CBS Corporation, CBS is the network’s flagship channel. Every week, the channel offer 87.5 hours of scheduled programs. Some of the most popular and long-run daytime shows on CBS include The Price Is Right and Let’s Make a Deal. It offers many contemporary daytime game shows as well, including Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, and Match Game. CBS also airs two daytime soap operas on weekends, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. But there’s also a lot more than just soaps and game shows. CBS is home to some of the best original TV shows. Shows like The Good Fight, Young Sheldon, and The Big Bang Theory make it a popular choice. CBS is available with all Cox cable packages. However, the channel position differs according to your state and city.

The table below shows the channel positions of CBS channels in some of the markets they operate in:

Channel Names Lakeside – CA Enfield – CT Freeport – FL Perry – GA Perry – GA
CBS 8 3 4 4 7
CBS – HD 1008 1003 1004 1004 1007
CBS Sports 321 135 328 328 246
CBS Sports – HD 1321 1135 1328 1328 1246


Can I Access My CBS on Cox?

My CBS, or CBS All Access is the network’s over-the-top streaming service. On a smaller scale, it competes with the likes of Sling TV with over 4 million subscribers. Unlike many other network apps, you can access it without a cable subscription. This means you don’t need to access My CBS on Cox. Instead, you can simply download the CBS All Access app on your smartphone and sign up for a subscription. The streaming service offers a free trial period of one month. CBS works on Roku and Smart TVs as well. The app offers all the entertainment coming out of CBS. It also offers access to complete seasons and shows of many originals that no longer air. The service also has a decently sized library of on-demand content.

Is CBS News on Cox?

CBS Corporation runs a 24-hour news channel called CBSN. But primetime viewers always gravitate to The Evening News on CBS. That’s the flagship channel, of course. If you have been looking for CBS News on Cox as a separate channel, stop now. The Evening News is what you need to sit down to every weekday at 6:30 PM EST. People often harangue Cox customer service for minutes before finding out. Mildly embarrassing, of course. But at least you won’t have to go through it since you now know where to find your news fix.

Where is CBS Sports on Cox?

CBS Sports is a favorite with American sports fans everywhere. The channel currently owns rights to NCAA Basketball, NFL, PGA Golf, and SEC football. It airs much-watched sports entertainment like NFL on CBS, Sports Spectacular, SEC on CBS, and PGA Tour on CBS. Sports on Cox comes with only the Contour TV Ultimate package, along with over 250 other channel options. The exact channel position varies according to your location, city, and state.

What About Premium Channels on Cox?

Like most other cable providers, Cox offers you the option of including premium channels with your package. With the right package, you can access all of the premium content on Starz on Cox. Some of the best content on this channel includes shows like Power, American Gods, Black Sails, and Counterpart. But that’s not the only premium channel offered. Other than HBO and Showtime, you can also opt for ABC on Cox. Catch some of the best programmings like The Resident, Gifted, Gotham, and The Simpsons.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

The first thing you obviously need is a subscription to Cox cable. You can manage most things about your package and channels in Cox My Account. You may need help to Program Cox Remote. Once you have the cable rigged to your TV after professional installation, you are good to go. For the extra-mile experience, try the Cox Connect App. Enjoy watching your favorite content on Cox. Stay tuned to this blog for more posts.


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Channel numbers rely on your area and bundle. These numbers were taken from the official site. Constrained essential confinements apply.

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, we have made all the required efforts towards obtaining owner/publisher approval for the use of images in VISIONECLICK.COM blog posts. However, if you find violations of any sorts regarding any image, please feel free to contact us. Prices and packages mentioned may vary with time and the specific locations.

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