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CBS on Fios Frontier

What Channel is CBS on Fios Frontier?

Frontier FiOS is known for its hallmarks of reliability and customer satisfaction. If you have subscribed to one of its packages, you get to binge-watch the best entertainment networks in the country. One instance is CBS on FiOS that’s aired in high-definition in most of the serviced states. It has made a mark in the entertainment industry for its unique, entertainment enriched, and popular content.

You need a dose of good entertainment to energize your tired self. Tuning in to the right channel and having your favorite snack along with a steaming cup of cappuccino seems like the best end to a tiring day. Before we enlighten you more about CBS’s content, you should know that you can pull off big discounts on bundling options of Frontier Internet plans with the TV’s.

Enjoy the Stellar Network CBS on FiOS

CBS is one of the most popular entertainment networks in the United States. Formerly known as the Columbia Broadcasting System, the channel still goes with the initials of the prior name.

The network has earned immense popularity and a distinct identity because of maintaining the quality of its content. So much so that its iconic logo is readily recognized. Also known as the Eye Network because of that logo, it was first launched in the year 1927.  CBS Sports on Frontier has not let the parent network down. The sports lovers consider it a reliable and authentic sports channel.

The slogan of the network is “America’s Most Watched Network.” And rightly so! Its addictive shows have millions glued to their screens across the globe. The channel guide can help you find all the channels easily for your city and state.

Channel Name SD HD
KCBS (CBS) 2 502
CBS Sports Network 94 594
KTVT (CBS) 11 511
WTSP (CBS) 10 510
CBS – KOIN-TV 6 506


If you are in the Frontier service area, other than these states, you can look up channel numbers online. You will easily find it.

Enjoy Sports Like Never Before with CBS Sports on Frontier

Are you a sports geek? If yes, then here is a competitor of ESPN! Watch the smooth broadcast and authentic updates of your favorite sports events. You also get to enjoy sports-based shows, controversies between players, politics within teams, post-event disputes, and what not!

Sports junkies get to watch the following sports events and shows on CBS Sports on Frontier:

  • NFL
  • SEC
  • College Basketball
  • The NFL Today.
  • CBS Sports Spectacular.
  • NHL

And the list goes on!

Some of the Top Titles

Do you want to get glued to your TV screen and enjoy a great series with CBS? Well, here are some promising titles to binge on. You can thank us later!


The latest CBS show, Evil revolves around a skeptical psychologist, Kristen Bouchard. She joins a contractor and a future Catholic priest to resolve the unexplained mysteries in the church. They are going to investigate and discover things like demonic possessions, supposed miracles, and bizarre occurrences. Finding a logical explanation to all these happenings, they end up examining the origin of evil between religion and science. Those who love the horror genre are going to dig it big time!

Missing Paramount network anymore? We don’t think so!


It is a veteran reality show. Running since 2000 and hosted by Jeff Probst, the show is currently running its 39th season. Survivor reveals 20 castaways for the 33rd installment to Fiji. The theme of the current season is quite interesting. It’s Millennials vs. Gen X. and the contestants of both groups vie to outplay, outwit, and outlast each other. It promises good entertainment. You will forget TNT shows and all others once you start watching this one.

The Big Bang Theory

Securing an 8.1 rating on IMDb, the series has a total of 279 episodes. First aired in 2017, the series has wrapped up this year in May. Two best friends and roomies, Sheldon and Leonard are physicists working in the California Institute of Technology. The series revolves around them and their encounters. Their amazing performance and mind-blowing comedy have made the series win seven Emmys so far. A must-watch!

Are you now thinking of subscribing to one of the Frontier TV packages to enjoy these great shows? It sounds like a great idea!

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