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What Channel is CBS on Optimum?

CBS on Optimum

The CBS channel has been entertaining its viewers for generations. The eye network, as it is often called, has grown from a radio station. Today, CBS on Optimum is one of the most popular channels. And with the premiere of its much anticipated new show, Seal Team. Your favorite channel is about to become even better.

CBS’s new and updated shows are making its viewership numbers sky-rocket. And be included in the ranks of channels like Lifetime, National Geographic.

CBS on Optimum – Where is It?

Of course, you are in a hurry to get to your favorite shows. How can one be expected to resist the entertainment value of CBS on Optimum? Keeping updated with Big Brother’s current season is one of America’s favorite past times. The popular reality series was instrumental in introducing the TV genre to the world.

The fastest way to find the CBS channel numbers is by following the Optimum channel guide below:

Channel Name Southern Westchester, New York Hudson, New Jersey Litchfield, Connecticut
CBS Sports Network HD 215 215 215

Did you know that some cable channel numbers change in different states? They do. And the reason they do is historic and interesting. If you are interested to know more, you can search for “Why my CBS on Optimum channels is different in different states?”.

CBS Sports on Optimum – For All Your Sports Coverage

A true sports follower knows that ESPN is not the only place you can get your sports insights. CBS Sports offers sports fans complete coverage of not just the NFL but also the SEC. And that’s just football. The popular channel also covers NCAA basketball. Not to mention the complete coverage of the PGA Tour.

A golfer enthusiast understands the significance of The Masters and the PGA Championship. That’s why so many supporters tune-in to CBS Sports in Optimum. Golfing is not a sport for everyone. But those who can see the grace in the sport also know there is nothing better.

Know the World with CBS News on Optimum

For most subscribers of Optimum TV packages, entertainment is not the only reason. CBS News on Optimum keeps you updated with the world like Hallmark Channel. From business and finance to humanitarian efforts and even celebrity news. You can always count on CBS News to deliver the most interesting insights.

Popular Shows on CBS You Can Enjoy

While optimum packages offer countless entertainment channels for subscribers. There is no denying that CBS programming is in a league of its own. Shows like The Bold and The Beautiful simply cannot be found on channels.

Here are some of the best shows that you can enjoy today:

1. Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek is one of the most influential TV shows in the Sci-Fi genre. When the original series in the franchised started airing, it mesmerized the fans. It pushed the boundaries of our imaginations.

When CBS All Access created Star Trek Discovery, it undertook a huge responsibility to the fans. To have the newer additions to the popular franchise live up to the expectations of the viewers. And it’s clear that the network delivered one of the most exciting series in the franchise.

2. Instinct

Instinct is one of the latest police procedural drama series on the network. The series is currently in its second season and final season. The series enjoyed instant success because of its intense storyline. And the fact that it has a gay lead character just makes it even more interesting. You won’t be able to find a show like this on other channels like HBO and TNT.

The series follows former CIA officer, turned literary educator, Dr. Dylan Reinhart. After the success of his novel, he is contacted by NYPD detective Elizabeth Needham. She needs his acute insights to find a serial killer who has taken inspiration from Reinhart’s book. While the killer orchestrates murders based on the book, Reinhart needs to save innocent lives.

3. Elementary

Sherlock Holmes has been re-imagined for television many times. And while the British version of the popular novel character is undeniably good. The American adaptation of the character by Jonathan Lee Miller can certainly hold its own. Elementary relocates the unconventional detective to Manhattan. And re-imagines Watson as his female caretaker.

Sherlock finds a place for the detective duo, working with the New York Police. Sherlock uses Watson’s medical background to help him uncover the truth, the only way he knows how. You can also stay updated on the show with your internet plans like Optimum 20.

The CBS website allows you to stream all the episodes of their most popular shows. So you can enjoy your favorite shows, whenever you want to.


There are other ways of finding out channel numbers for other networks on Optimum. The easiest way is to search online. Or you could get in touch with Optimum customer support. They will be able to give you all the channel numbers for your favorite networks.


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