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What Channel is CBS on Verizon?

CBS on Verizon

Cord-cutting is on the rise these days. And rightfully so. Because Amazon Prime and Netflix have so much to offer that individuals prefer subscribing to these services. However, you will always need the Internet to stream shows or movies online on these platforms. But if you opt for cable and Internet providers, you can opt for both, the online and cable TV. There are a plethora of channels that cable service providers have to offer. CBS on Verizon is one of the very famous choices these days.

Here’s why:

My CBS on Verizon

If you are someone who loves entertainment at all times, you should opt for CBS when you select your cable TV package. You will be better off if you choose Verizon because it has some of the best and most affordable cable TV packages. To make it easier for you to hunt for the various channels that the CBS Network has to offer, here’s a comprehensive table for you. It tells you about the channel number of the various CBS channels in different states.

My CBS on Verizon channel guide:

Channel Name Bristol County, MA Southeastern, PA Northern New Jersey, Southern California
CBS on Verizon 4 3 2

CBS on Verizon

In case you are not aware, CBS has got some of the most entertaining shows to offer. The shows are engaging enough to keep you hooked to the screen until the last second. The list includes some of the prominent names including Blue Bloods and The Twilight Zone.

You will get to watch shows from various genres, not just one. The many genres that you can select from include drama, comedy, reality and classics. Depending on your mood, that is you can watch shows accordingly. Comedy series on CBS include The Big Bang Theory, Anger from Hell and fam.

Some of the reality shows that you can access on the channel include The Amazing Race and Big Brother. However, if you are not a movie or a show type of person, or are bored with this channel, check out other networks like FOX on Verizon.

CBS News on Verizon

CBS News will keep you posted with all the latest happenings across the globe. You will get to update your knowledge regarding the economy and the politics prevailing in the country as well as across the globe.

You can also choose to update yourself regarding the stock market. As the channel features shows regarding that as well. Not only this but there are also shows that will give you all the news regarding technology, science, and sports. Among the many shows that you can enjoy watching on the channel include CBS this Morning, Face the Nation, Sunday Morning and CBS Evening News.

You can choose from the various Verizon packages to cater to your entertainment needs. Just like CBS has separate channels for sports, news, and entertainment, Verizon has different packages to cater to these needs. There is a package for entertainment and action, another for sports and news. And a package dedicated to kids and pop. Coming back to CBS, there is a channel dedicated to the sports fanatics as well.

CBS Sports on Verizon

Good news for all the sports fans! CBS has a channel that airs nothing but sports. So, you can catch up on all your favorite sports on this channel. From golf to football, you will get access to a diverse range of sports events. NFL, MLB, and NBA are all on this channel. You can even watch Rugby, Tennis, and WWE on CBS Sports on Verizon.

The best part is that you can also choose to watch any of the matches that you do not want to miss on the app as well. All you have to do is select a package for yourself and make sure that you subscribe to the fastest Internet, the 5G.

However, you will have to check if you fall under the Verizon 5G cities or not. In case your city made it to the list, you can enjoy the fastest Internet in the world on your smartphone. And stream matches or any other content even when on the go.

Other Offers by Verizon

If you think that CBS is the only entertaining channel that the company has to offer, think again. Because you can also get access to channels like ABC and TNT according to the package that you opt for. Apart from that, there are various Internet packages that you can subscribe to as well. The speeds can go up to 940 Mbps. That is if you opt for the ‘Better everything’ plan. It offers FiOS. But for that, you will also have to check for the ‘FiOS in my area’ availability.

Apart from that, Verizon also has phone plans that you can choose from according to your need.

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Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 20th April-2019.

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