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Flexible CenturyLink Customer Service Hours May be the Answer!

centurylink customer service hours

CenturyLink has long been associated with efficient customer service, the high-speed Internet and uninterrupted phone call services. The company aims at making lives better and convenient for households and businesses alike. And guess what? The company just got better with its new merger with Level 3 Communications. You know what that means? This means that CenturyLink now offers an expanded network reach. Therefore, the probability of you finding a CenturyLink service near you is higher than before. The company does not go by the ‘one size fits all’ policy. Whether it is a small enterprise, a government agency or just a small household, the CenturyLink packages look quite wholesome. And the CenturyLink Customer service hours are also flexible.

Let Support Reps Suggest the Right Internet Speed to You

If you are searching for the reliable and high-speed Internet, try CenturyLink speed Internet. The company offers an array of high-speed options to choose from. You can select the one that fits your browsing needs. From super-fast in-home WiFi to continually expanding Fiber Internet network, there is a speed to match every need.

Whether you have a brother, who is a gaming fanatic or a mother. Whose favorite hobby is to binge-watch shows, there is something for everyone. And if your house is full of people where no one agrees on one thing, you can opt for the Fiber Internet. Especially if the house is full of people who enjoy gaming. However, the in-home WiFi with its high-speed Internet options is sufficient to feed the online gaming needs as well. The wireless connection also allows you to connect a number of devices to the Internet simultaneously. You can always tell about your specific needs to the support reps and they can suggest a plan.

Problem= solved.

However, a summary of the various Internet plans that you can choose from are:

  • 20 Mbps – This is sufficient for basic surfing needs.
  • 40-80 Mbps – People who relish watching HD movies, online gaming or video chats should opt for this plan.
  • 100-140 Mbps – This range of speed would suit the needs of people who wish to stream multiple HD movies or want to play online games at blazing speeds. Opting for this plan would mean you can connect more than ten devices to the Internet and CenturyLink speed Internet will satisfy the browsing needs of each.

Apart from the blazing Internet speeds that the plans have to offer, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A 24/7 technical support
  • More security and protection with Norton

Moreover, your Internet rates won’t change. As long as you keep your CenturyLink Price for Life plan, you will pay the same price for your plan as you did on the day of subscription. And if this information isn’t sufficient, call the reps. They will guide you through providing you ring them during CenturyLink Customer service hours.

Looking for a CenturyLink package? The Reps are a Call Away

Ordering these packages means that you can combine any two or all threes services. Just for your convenience- the bundles that you can choose from are:

  • Double Bundle – You get to choose between two double bundles. Both bundles offer Internet speeds up to 40 Mbps.
  • Triple Bundle – If you wish to opt for all three services from the company, this bundle is the right one for you.

Apart from these company-designed bundles, you have an option to customize the bundles as well. Well, obviously the customer service reps can guide you better when it comes to customization. However, you can choose to bundle any two or three services as you please and create your own bundle. Moreover, you can always benefit from the special offers and deals that the company has to offer.

Headed to a Vacation? Watch Your Favorite Shows Even When Away!

CenturyLink and DIRECTV go hand-in-hand. Whatever your TV-watching routine may be- whether you enjoy watching TV in primetime or daytime, the company’s got you covered. With more than 200 HD channels, it is a TV lover’s paradise. Although, the company reps are your go-to-people, here’s a little sneak-peak into the features:

Live TV

On-Demand TV

This feature allows you to access thousands of famous TV shows or the latest blockbusters. Moreover, if you have tuned in late, you can to watch your favorite show from the beginning. So, you do not actually miss out on your favorite shows with this feature. It is also generous enough to allow you to watch any show that has aired in the last 72 hours if you forgot to turn on the HD DVR. You can record all your favorite shows while you are away vacay-ing!

The HD DVR is the answer to all your prayers. The device allows you to start watching your favorite movie or show in one room and resume watching it from where you left in another room. It is called Genie for a reason.

Genie grants you five wishes (read: shows) that you can download simultaneously. This little blessing has an even smaller and portable version to it, the Genie Mini. So, now you can relish watching or recording shows with this wireless device even when on the go. Pairing it up with CenturyLink speed Internet would mean an even better experience. You can even download the TV app to enjoy more flexibility in watching your favorite shows (live or recorded) or movies. You do not need to pay any extra cost or buy a separate equipment for this. Download the app on your smartphone or tablet and you are good to go.

Still, Have a Query? Reach Out To the Support Reps!

To avail any of the above-mentioned services, you can contact the company’s representatives. You can choose from an option to call the reps or make an inquiry online. From testing your Internet speed to technical services, the online portal is there to help you. The technical support is available round the clock while the reps can be reached from 7 in the morning to 9 at night. CenturyLink speeds up your online browsing and the customer reps aim at speeding up the problem-solving. Call during the CenturyLink Customer service hours for a little chit-chat.


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