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Optimum: How To Change WiFi Name And Password?

change optimum wifi name password

The need for a stable internet connection is now greater than ever. People across the globe now rely more than ever on high-speed internet. A reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. From businesses to schools, every sector uses the internet to send and receive information.  

However, sometimes you may not be able to access certain apps on your internet. This happens when you’re using a router with blocked ports. It is worth mentioning here that most modern routers come with this security feature. But the good news is, services like Optimum provide the port forwarding option. 

What Is Port Forwarding?

It is the process of redirecting a communication request from one port number to another. Port mapping is another term that is in common use. Internet services use a standard port number to identify themselves. For example, the port number that represents web traffic is 80. Remember, your router automatically blocks access to malicious requests. It is a security feature that protects your PC from exposure to harmful programs.  

How to Enable the Option?

It is pretty much a universal process. Your router receives the internet traffic via different ports. Think of a single port as a pipe. Each pipe carries certain traffic. Whenever a port receives an instruction, it takes a particular type of data through the router to your PC. The whole process is known as port forwarding.  

No other person from outside can connect to your local Wi-Fi network in case you’re using an FTP server setup. The port number for this server is 21. That means you must open port 21 and forward relevant instructions to your PC. This enables the pipe (port) to transmit the traffic via the router. The FTP client will receive the traffic through the pipe.  

What Is Optimum Error OBV-055?

OBV-055 is one of the error codes that can disrupt your internet connection. Many users come across this error. If you’re struggling to fix the error then you aren’t the only one. The good news is that you can address the issue in multiple ways. Continue reading to know more.  

Reboot the Modem

This is one of those old-fashioned methods with proven results. Rebooting the modem can help you with the fix. Technology is known to function without interruptions. Your modem is one such device. However, too much load can cause it to malfunction. It is advisable to turn off your modem and give it a rest of several minutes.  

To turn off the device, just press the power button. You can even plug the main wire out of the wall socket. Make sure to wait for several minutes. This will allow your device to cool down. Moreover, you should check for any damaged wire or cable before restarting your modem.  

Pay Your Bills

Sometimes, people forget to clear their dues. This may result in partial delivery of service or a complete cut-off from the network. You can check for pending payments with your service provider. It is advisable to call the customer support center. The representative will provide you the information concerning Optimum bill pay solutions. Clear your payments and you’ll get your coverage back in no time.  

Change Wi-Fi Name & Password

This is one of the lengthier steps on the list. In case you have subscribed to a new service, you will be required to provide your credentials in the configuration panel. Go to the provider’s website and log in to your current account. You will come across the settings for your internet connection. Click on the Manage Options tab. You can change important information like the Wi-Fi name and password in the Manage Options tab.  

It is advisable to note down all the important details. Your Wi-Fi name and password are important security checks. Make sure to note down these login credentials. When you are done with entering the new details, click on the Apply Changes tab. You may be asked to provide your login details one more time. Follow all the steps and you’ll be able to change your Wi-Fi name and password.  


Changing login information is not as difficult as it used to be. You can perform the process manually by following the instructions provided by your provider. Remember to note down all the important details. It is difficult to remember lengthy passwords and usernames. You can use an online password locker to save your credentials. If you’re facing any other issue, contact your service provider and they’ll address your concerns. 

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