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What Channel Is ShowTime on Charter Spectrum?

What Channel Is ShowTime on Charter?

Cable is a great source of entertainment for people who demand to relax by the end of the day. People of all age groups equally love cable TV as they can watch channels of their choice. ShowTime is one of the famous TV channels loved by the people. Because of the popularity of ShowTime among the TV channel subscribes many cable TV providers have added ShowTime in their packages. If you want to view ShowTime on Charter at the most affordable rates, then move to Spectrum internet service area today!

Here are some of the details about ShowTime channel.


The option to watch ShowTime has added under as a separate package tag on Spectrum with the name SHOWTIME ANYTIME. When you subscribe to ShowTime, you get to watch original series, blockbuster movies, sports, and comedy programs. You can access ShowTime on  Charter by your phone, laptop, and tablet or on Roku streaming player. Moreover, as the name suggests you are allowed to watch ShowTime on Charter any time on the clock. It provides you unlimited access, thousands of requests for On-Demand movies and series, live TV, and the best feature to resume whatever you were watching from the exact same point where you left it.

SHOWTIME on Spectrum California Channel Number Florida Channel Number Ohio Channel Number
Showtime 551 259 259
Showtime Showcase 553 262 262
Showtime Family Zone Not Available 270 270


You can even arrange the channels and seasons according to your choice and can share them later on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to sign up for ShowTime Anytime, then make sure you live in Spectrum internet service area and have a Spectrum cable TV package in mind to buy with ShowTime.



Channel number can be different for your designated location. These numbers were taken from the official website and last updated Jan-2019.

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