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Charter to Provide Another 60 Days of Free Internet

charter free internet for students

For all of you aware of the Internet providers’ petition that came pretty early during the lockdown, you would also know the part that Spectrum Charter played. While many companies agreed to cut the subscribers slack when it came to overdue fees and many other issues. However, Spectrum Internet plans were being offered to people who didn’t subscribe to the company’s services as well. Now they took it up a notch!

The company is bringing the offer back and promising to provide the Internet as well as Wi-Fi services to households having students and educators. All of this for FREE!

What is the Remote Education Offer?

For those of you who do not know, the company calls it their Remote Education Offer. It is different from Charter Internet Assist. Many people believe that free means slow speed and interrupted connection. However, you would be surprised to learn that Spectrum is offering users around 200 Mbps of speed with this package. So that the students and educators do not suffer.

However, there is a criterion for the households that could get access to the offer. Yes, there need to be students and educators residing in that house, but there is a further specification as well.

Criteria for Qualifying

Educators and students. However, you need to be sure that the students in your house are K-12 graders or college students. Other than that, you also need to see if Spectrum serves in your residing town or area. So, you need to be living in an area that is accessible by the company or that the company is already serving in. Also, you shouldn’t be having any Spectrum Internet service already to qualify for this offer.

Summarizing it for you, here are the criteria a household needs to meet to qualify for this offer:

  • K-12 grade or college students
  • Educators
  • Residing in an area where Spectrum’s services are available
  • Are not a subscriber of the company’s Internet service already

How and When did This Offer Start?

The company first introduced this offer in March. And it was popular amongst the people as 448,000 new households are now a part of the Spectrum family.

What is Internet Assist?

You need to know that the company is not only offering the Remote Education Offer but it is simultaneously giving subscribers access to fast Internet through the Internet Assist package as well. For those who do not know the Internet Assist offer is a package that the company offers to low-income households or seniors. However, it does not make any compromise on the quality of service or the speed.

Features included in this offer are:

  • Free modem
  • Internet speed of up to 30 Mbps
  • No contracts
  • No data caps
  • Option to subscribe to in-home Wi-Fi service

Criteria for Internet Assist

In case you do not qualify for the Remote Education Offer, you can always look for the Internet Assist one. However, you need to meet certain criteria for that as well. So, if you meet the following, you can ask the company to sign you up for Internet Assist:

  • Recipient of assistance through NSLP
  • Recipient of assistance through CEP
  • Recipient of assistance through Supplementary Security Income

What is Digital Education?

Apart from the many good things that the company is doing, it recently announced the doubling of its digital education commitment from what the company intended for 2020. So, Spectrum will grant a sum of $1 Million to organizations that are involved in providing broadband education, training, and technology. Thus, making it a one of its kind company that donates through such grants and empowers the future of the younger generations.

In case, you have any queries regarding any of these programs or any other packages, feel free to contact the Charter Customer care center. The reps will guide you through in a very thorough manner.

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