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Easy Ways to Pay Your Cincinnati Bell Bill

Cincinnati bell bill pay

Telecommunication companies played their part in facilitating the subscribers by signing the pledge aimed at keeping the Americans connected. While people have isolated themselves, you can easily opt for Cincinnati Bell pay bill over the phone option.

So, you can keep yourself entertained with the services that the company offers without having to worry about the payment of the bill.

Services facilitating your entertainment include:

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics TV

Cincinnati brings you the option to watch what you want and how you want it. You can relish washing a wide range of programs and movies from the comfort of your couch. Subscribing to the service means that you get access to the most recent shows, movies, sports channels as well as many premium channels.

Not only this but you also get to relish watching TV on your mobile with Fioptics TV Everywhere. Also, you can watch TV on your laptop and computer. The choice is yours. The best part is that TV Everywhere is compatible with an array of devices. These include the likes of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android, and PS4. Choose from a Fioptics TV package of your choice and keep yourself entertained.

You get access to some of the most exciting channels as well including HBO Go, CNN, Starz, and Tru TV. There is no chance that you will get bored with a list so entertaining.

Cincinnati Bell Internet

Cincinnati Bell Internet is the answer to your blazing fast internet speeds. The company perhaps offers the fastest internet in town. It offers subscribers all the speed that they require for all their connections. Now, you can even make every night movie night in your home.

Cincinnati Bell’s most recent offer gives access to 1 Gig Fioptics Essential Internet to the subscribers of the offer along with Google Wi-Fi. The price of the offer will astonish you as well. Pay $44.99/month only for this amazing deal. Adding YouTube TV means you can even get a free trial. Cincinnati Bell Fioptics bill pay for this deal won’t seem like too much!

Choose the Internet plan that best suits your needs. In case the available speed does not meet your requirements, you are always free to opt for a Premier Upgrade for an additional $13.99/month. This particular bundle gives you access to Wi-Fi for your whole home, a wireless modem, WireCare as well as Internet Security.

How to Pay for the Subscribed Services?

Subscription of services might have been an easy task. However, the real problem arises when you have to consider Cincinnati Bell Fioptics bill pay or the thought of Internet bill pay haunts you. However, if you are a subscriber of Cincinnati Bell services, payment of bills should not bother you much. The company has many options.

U.S. Mail

Apart from paying through the My Cincinnati Bell, you can opt for the mail option. You can post your checks or remittance slips to the following address:

  • Cincinnati Bell Telephone
  • P.O. BOX 748003
  • Cincinnati, OH 45274-8003


Cincinnati Bell pays bills over the phone is another option for you to pay for the services. However, remember that opting for this channel of payment means paying an extra $6. You can call the company number at any time to connect to a rep. Follow the steps and pay your mentioned bill. The company accepts payments through all major credit cards electronic checks and debit cards.

The Cincinnati Bell number to pay the bill via phone is 1-855-840-0080. All you have to do is say ‘payments’ followed by ‘Pay My Bill’ to make easy payments.


Opt for pay my Cincinnati Bell bill online for the most convenient way to make payment. Log into your account, access the bill pay page and make the payment. It is as simple as that.


Paying via chat is also an available option. If you make your payment with the assistant of a rep, you will be charged $6.



Where can I pay my Cincinnati Bell bill?

You can pay over the phone, online, via chat, auto-pay, U.S. Mail or visiting the nearest outlet.

What is the Cincinnati Bell phone number?


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