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What Channel is CNN on DIRECTV?

CNN on Directv

While many people say that their hobbies include swimming and traveling, others claim that they love keeping up with the current affairs. The latter have subscriptions of all the famous newsletters. They subscribe to the most prominent news channels like CNN on DIRECTV as well. This helps them to stay posted regarding all that is happening around the globe. Hence, giving them numerous topics to debate on. You, too, can get access to some of the most informative news channels with AT&T plans. Provided that you too relish watching it.

CNN on DIRECTV- Your Daily News Dose!

CNN is amongst the most trusted and prominent news channels. It has been providing the world with the most recent news since decades now. The Turner Broadcasting System (CNN’s parent organization) owns other channels too. All of which are dedicated to providing you with hot news even of the current sports events that may not be available on ESPN.

Here’s a list of them all and the channel numbers you can find them on in different states.

Channel Name Channel Number
CNN International 202
CNN Headline News 204
CNN en Espanol 419

CNN Headline News on DIRECTV- National News at its Best

This channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System aims to provide the Americans with national news. So, the viewers who wish to know what is happening in the States alone can tune into this channel. You will love it. Because it is not just a news channel. It is much more than that. You will watch the news on this channel at daytime. While at night you will be able to enjoy some investigation and mysteries. Hence, awakening the Sherlock in you. However, do not be fooled into thinking that the daytime news on CNN Headline News on DIRECTV is delivered the typical way.

You will get to tune into some rather interesting programs at daytime that fall under the following categories:

  • National.
  • Regional.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Entertainment.

You can also subscribe to channels like CW or BET to feed your appetite for entertainment with all the recent shows that it features.

Some Interesting Live News Shows

However, the news and shows that HLN offers are not any less interesting. What makes the news most interesting is that all of the content is delivered to the audience live. The fast-paced approach of the experts hosting the shows keeps the individuals engaged. Some of the most interesting shows that you can enjoy watching include Morning Express with Robin Meade and On the Story. The mystery shows that you can enjoy watching at night include Forensic Files and Inside Evil. You can relish watching all the crime stories in HD quality if you own a Smart TV. But this does not imply that if you do not have one, you won’t enjoy the experience.

However, if you are not a person who likes news that much, you can also choose other channels like CBS for yourself when you select a plan.

Global Updates with CNN International on DIRECTV

The channel will satisfy your need to know everything that is happening around the world. Whether it be about the damage that the fire at Notre Dame caused. Or it is the highlight regarding a football match. You will get it all on CNN International on DIRECTV. Apart from the daily dose of news brought to you by some of the expert anchors, you will also get a chance to tune into some of the most thought-provoking talk shows. The debates will give you food for thought. Other than this, you will get access to news regarding US politics, the business world and what is going on in the world of entertainment. You can pretty much learn a great deal about celebrity news on VH1 on DIRECTV as well, by the way.

And in case your family members only understand Spanish, you have a channel in that as well.

CNN en Espanol

This channel features all news in Spanish. You won’t get any different news on this channel. The news remains the same. The only difference is that CNN es Espanol delivers all the news in the language the Hispanics speak. Like all other CNN channels, this channel has a website as well. In case, you miss out on any news on any of the channels, you always have the website to access information from.

If you choose to subscribe to AT&T, you will get access to most of the premium channels. Not only this, but the company also has a good repute when it comes to the customer service reps that they have. You will never be disappointed after making a call at AT&T Wireless Customer service number. The courteous staff will answer all the queries for you and provide the most appropriate information to you.


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Channel numbers rely on your area and bundle. These numbers were taken from the official site and keep going investigated on 23rd April-2019. Constrained essential confinements apply.

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