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Comcast Specials: See What’s in Store for You

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We all hate it when we are streaming our favorite show on Netflix and boom the slow as a snail Internet ruins it for us. Nothing annoys an individual more than buffering. Actually, there is one more thing that irritates us just as much as a buffering video – a poor quality of voice over the phone. I mean I cannot hear my best friend’s voice over all that distortion, could you please fix your telephone lines? While many service providers have nothing more than poor quality to offer, Comcast specials do not fail to please. From above average service to reasonably priced Xfinity specials, the company looks out for its customers, providing them just what they need and more. If you are planning to make a swap to Xfinity, here’s all that convinced me to opt for it.

Xfinity X1

If you want to enjoy watching live TV or stream a show on Netflix on one screen, X1 is how you do it. Xfinity X1 comes packed with so many exciting and unique features, that you would want to subscribe to it right away. Let us dig a little deeper into the features that X1 offers:

1. Voice Remote

Okay, so I have to admit that the voice remote is one of my favorite part of the X1 features. It is so cool. You do not move your fingers. Rather, you command. You just talk to control your TV. If there is a show you wish to watch just say it and the voice remote will sieve it for you from the sea of shows. Doesn’t this remind you of Alexa? It does to me!

2. Filter your favorites

Finding favorite movies or just a show that suits your mood was not so easy. X1 does it for you. All you need to do is search for your favorite genre or title or an actor and leave the rest on X1. It will very effortlessly search for shows or movies related to your recommendations from Live TV or your DVR library or from the On Demand list. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

3. All your favorites on X1

From Pandora to Netflix to YouTube, it is all on X1. Which means that you can stream your favorite tunes or dance to your favorite music video. It also gives you a chance to discover new artists with their personalized music experience.

4. The Stream app takes the whole TV game up a notch

So, all those who relish streaming movies or shows even when on the go, Xfinity Stream app is the answer to all your prayers. You can stream Live TV, play your DVR recordings, or simply choose from any of the On Demand shows and movies. The app allows you to stream TV on different devices as well.

5. X1 DVR is completely another ball game

This device allows you to watch your recorded shows even when you are offline. All you need to do is download all the content that you wish to watch on any of the devices and tune in whenever and wherever you please. The DVR comes with an ample storage capacity of 500GB and allows you to record and watch up to six shows at one time. You can take the whole Cloud DVR library with you with this device. What more could one ask for?

6. It is a sports fanatic’s paradise

From stats to live coverage to insightful features, X1 has all you sports fanatics covered.

7. There is a treat for everyone

good news for people who are visually impaired or have any sort of hearing problem- X1 offers features that make streaming TV an easy task for them. With Talking Guide, visually impaired individuals can explore all the options on their own. And Enhanced Close Captioning is built in for people who are deaf or have a problem in hearing.

Affordable Comcast Specials

Xfinity has many reasonably priced deals to offer to the customers. You get a choice to pair Xfinity Internet and TV in these bundle offers:

  • Standard Xfinity Double Play – Comes with 100Mbps of the fast sped Internet and a buffet of 125+ HD channels to choose from.
  • Select Double Play – Offers 100 Mbps of Internet speed and a wider range of channels to choose from
  • Signature Double Play – With 219+ channels to choose from and a 100 Mbps speed Internet; this deal includes Netflix, Showtime and Starz.

Add-On Channels for Xfinity Specials

A rather cool Comcast specials feature is ordering pay-per-view events. You need to keep a couple of things in mind before placing an order though:

  • Order early – Settle any outstanding balances. Make sure you pay your bill early so that any equipment or service related issues are resolved well ahead of time.
  • Pay once – You do not need to pay to watch the event for individual devices. Once you have paid, you can relish watching the event(s) on all the devices/screens that are connected to your Xfinity account. You can make the payment by using your remote and enjoy watching the event live.

You can even watch the pay-per-view event using the Stream app if you are on the go. So Xfinity brings you a chance to have a glimpse of front seat action from the comfort of your sofa. From UFC to WWE, the rather thrilling experience comes to your TV screens.

HDTV from Xfinity Specials

Xfinity even offers HD service that makes the images appear five times sharper with much detailed hues and details. Moreover, HDTV provides you with a wider view so you can enjoy a movie theatre screen while you relax at home. And if this fails to please you, HDTV comes equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. So you get to hear all the action that takes place around you.

Customer Commitment

Although the Comcast specials and features have me as a fan, there can be a possibility that they do not please you just as much. And you may want to swap back to your old service provider. With Comcast specials, even that is not a problem. A 30-day money back guarantee applies to one-month service installation changes.

Oh, and I would like to mention just how courteous the Xfinity customer service reps are. I have had one of the most pleasant experiences with them. The reps know their job and go the extra mile to find a solution to your issues.

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