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A Complete Guide on Cox Coverage and Availability

cox coverage availability guide

The importance of high-speed internet connections is growing. Today, a large number of individuals and organizations are dependent on the internet for work, business, entertainment, and e-commerce. In addition to this, a slow network means that you miss out on important deadlines and meetings. In this context, it’s essential for you to have access to services like the Cox internet service. With this, there will be fewer chances of lag and network disruptions. If you want to know if this provider operates in your area, learn more about its availability and coverage with this guide.  

Is Cox Available in Your State?

cox coverage and availability

This provider is one of the most popular companies in the United States. Cox TV packages, internet deals, and phone plans are widely used throughout the country and across several states. In fact, it’s available in over 15 states including Kansas, Nevada, and California. If you’re wondering whether you can access this service in your location, use this guide to delve deeper into Cox’s availability by state.


Maximum Internet Speed  

Population Coverage 


1,000 Mbps 



940 Mbps 


District of Columbia 

940 Mbps 


Rhode Island 

1,000 Mbps 



North Carolina 

940 Mbps 



1,000 Mbps 



940 Mbps 



1,000 Mbps 




1,000 Mbps 



1,000 Mbps 



1,000 Mbps 


What Internet Deals Are Available? 

With Cox, you’ll get a wide variety of internet deals. These are based on consumers’ different needs and requirements. In fact, you can find various price points for the services you choose.

Here are some of the most popular deals available.

Cox Starter 10 Mbps

One of the most important factors to consider for high-speed internet is timely bill payments. If you want to reduce the chances of lag and irregularities, use tools like Cox bill pay to ensure that your bill has been paid. Customers with unpaid bills are more likely to experience network errors.

With Cox Starter, you can enjoy data of 1000 GB per month. In addition to this, users are also able to access a download speed of up to 10 Mbps. With this deal, you are entitled to a 12-month contract in addition to a BYO Modem.

Cox Essential 50 Mbps

As with the previous internet deal, this too offers data of 1000 GB per month. Cox Essential consists of a cable connection that allows you to enjoy download speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Moreover, this also comes with a year-long contract in addition to a BYO modem. If you’re looking for other Cox compatible modems for additional features, consider devices like TP-Link and Netgear.

Cox Straight Up Internet

With Cox Straight Up Internet you get data of 1000 GB with every unit of recharge. In addition to this, users are also able to make the most of download speed up to 25 Mbps. With this internet deal, you get 1 month prepaid along with a Cox modem with WiFI.

This deal is also relatively reasonably priced and allows a wide range of people to access the internet. With low prices and high speed, Cox Straight Up Internet is a good option for most internet users.

Cox Preferred 150Mbps 

Most of the company’s internet deals offer customers data of 1000 GB per recharge. Moreover, you can also get download speeds of up to 150 Mbps as included in the package. With the Cox Preferred deal, users get a Cox cable connection with a BYO modem. Apart from this, a 12-month contract is also part of the deal.

Cox Ultimate 300Mbps

Cox Ultimate allows you to enjoy cable internet with a year-long contract. In addition to this, customers receive a BYO modem as part of the package. This deal offers a download speed of up to 300 Mbps along with 1000 GB per recharge. Moreover, you can also contact the provider directly through Cox customer service in case of issues like Cox outages. The customer service representatives will be able to offer you additional assistance in case such challenges arise.

The Bottom Line 

Cox is one of the most popular internet providers in the US and offers coverage in states like Arizona, California, Ohio, and Idaho. You can also choose from a variety of internet plans that differ in terms of price and features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What speed does Cox offer in Idaho?

You can get a maximum speed of up to 940 Mbps in Idaho with this provider.

Which states have the greatest coverage from Cox?

States with the greatest coverage include Rhode Island, California, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and Nebraska.

How much population does Cox cover in Ohio?

The company covers 255,180 of the population in Ohio.

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