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Cox or Centurylink

Which Company Provides Better Internet, TV and Phone Services: COX or CenturyLink?

When comparing the TV, Internet and Phone plans of popular service providers like COX or CenturyLink, it helps to first set up an evaluative system of standards (benchmarks). Different service-performance measures like service features, reliability, and speed can then be analyzed with its help – in order to come to a fair and objective conclusion.

For this exercise to be made meaningful, a control measure is also required to be set – which in our case can be the pricing-range of corresponding service packages from both vendors.

Service Features

On this front, CenturyLink beats COX digital services by a narrow margin. Although COX may offer a greater service-coverage area in some localities within the country, it falls a little short in delivering the same level of service features to its subscribers as CenturyLink does – when considered on an aggregate basis.

Service Reliability

Services Reliability is largely judged through the Customer Reviews & Testimonials given by subscribers against a particular service plan. In contrast to the previous measure, COX services win the reliability contest with CenturyLink by a long-shot. This conclusion has also been shaped by each of the two companies’ Customer Support service reviews, where COX’s support staff has consistently managed to garner a greater degree of consumer satisfaction than its CenturyLink counterpart.

Service Speed

Although CenturyLink offers up to 1 Gigabit in Internet speeds, most Cox internet users value bandwidth consistency over inconsistent speed ratios on any given day. In this respect, COX again comes out on top of its competition.

Based on our short analysis, we would state COX offers a better services portfolio than CenturyLink

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