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Cox VS Spectrum: Which ISP is best for Your Home?

With many ISPs present in the market, it becomes a difficult task for one to decide which internet service provider is the best one. Especially when you have to do Spectrum vs Cox comparison which are the famous internet service providers in the United States. This blog will help you make an informed choice by comparing the two services.

Cox vs Spectrum Comparison – What Should be Your Choice?

While selecting an ISP for yourself, you have to consider a lot of things before settling for the best choice. The following comparisons will help you make a more informed decision:

Internet Speeds

The first difference that both companies have is in the minimum Internet speeds that they offer to the subscribers. Spectrum offers 100Mbps as the least speed whether it is in package form or as a stand-alone service.

On the other hand, Cox Internet packages, as well as the stand-alone Internet service, begin from 30Mbps speed. However, both companies offer the Gigabit option to the customers. But the difference lies in the sector that the Gigabit service caters to. Spectrum offers this service mainly to its business clients while Cox gives access to this service to its residential clients as well. Hence, giving Cox an edge over Spectrum.

Monthly Cost

Both companies are almost even when it comes to the cost of Internet service. However, subscribers should remember that the initial prices are an introductory price to attract customers. These prices are only valid until the first twelve months.

Once the promotional or introductory price period is over, you will notice that Spectrum’s prices are lower than that of Cox.

However, you can take the Cox Internet speed test and Spectrum’s too. You won’t feel a difference in the speed available to you after the end of the promotional period.

Installation and Other Fees

You will have to bear the installation fee in both vendors case. However, Cox will charge you slightly higher for the installation than Spectrum would. But you can always check if they are offering free installation services. Because ISP companies do that too. The bill pay that you will receive at the end of the month will be other than the installation fee. So, confirm this factor for both services.

Data Allowance

Another crucial considerable factor when comparing the two services is data allowance. Well, when making a  comparison for this feature, Spectrum is a clear winner. Because it does not include data caps. This means that binge-watchers can watch as many shows as they like on Netflix without worrying about data usage.

In contrast, Cox has a data cap that starts charging the consumers extra the moment they cross the 1TB data limit. This, by the way, is a very high limit for consumers to make use of anyway. Dare we say that the limit set by Cox for residential consumers is almost non-existent as well?


When looking for ISPs, it is always a better option to bundle the Internet service with Cable TV and phone services. Comparing Cox deals with those that Spectrum offers, you will notice that after the introductory phase, Cox offers better deals. ‘Better’ here refers to deals that allow you to save more money and are easy on your pocket.


Before considering the two ISPs and settling on an option, you need to be sure that the selected ISP serves in your area. Spectrum is available in more areas than Cox. Therefore, the chances of you having to opt for Spectrum as your default ISP are high.

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Bundle Packages

When you think of bundle packages available, nature is the same for both Cox as well as Spectrum bundles. However, each company offers similar bundles at different prices. With Cox’s standard rate higher than that of Spectrum’s.

Customer Satisfaction

Both companies offer exceptional customer service. The reps hired by both Cox and Spectrum are well-versed in their respective areas of service. They will help you to resolve an issue within minutes if possible. The reps are also very polite and gentle. No one has ever reported an episode of misbehavior when it comes to customer service reps at Cox as well as Spectrum.

Final Verdict

Above mentioned are the major areas of consideration when selecting an ISP. However, you can visit the websites of the respective companies to see what else is it that you want to consider before subscribing to a single ISP. You can even make a Cox vs CenturyLink comparison to see if the latter is the company that you want to opt for. The choices are unlimited. But you should choose that best fits your needs.


Is Cox owned by Spectrum?

No, Cox is not owned by Spectrum

Are Cox and Charter the same?

No, they are two separate and completely independent service providers.

Which Cox Internet should I get?

Depending on your needs like speed, the number of devices in your home, etc. you can decide from the various bundles and stand-alone options available.

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, we have made all the required efforts towards obtaining owner/publisher approval for the use of images in VISIONECLICK.COM blog posts. However, if you find violations of any sorts regarding any image, please feel free to contact us. Prices and packages mentioned may vary with time and the specific locations.

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