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What Channel Is the CW on DIRECTV?

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The CW or The CW Television Network is one of America’s most popular free-to-air television networks. The CW is a joint venture between AT&T and CBS Corporation. CBS’ United Paramount Network (UPN) and WarnerMedia’s The WB were the predecessors of The CW. The channel debuted in September 2006 after UPN and The WB ceased operations. Soon to become a favorite with young men and women in the 18 – 34 age group, The CW on DIRECTV scores high on the Nielsen rating system. It has a great selection of current TV shows as well as reruns to keep its audience engaged. The CW initially aired content aimed at women but has since then expanded to attract a male audience as well.

What Channel Can I Find it on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV offers more than 330 channels depending on the package you choose. This makes it very easy to lose the channels you love among the crowd. One of the most popular networks right now is The CW on DIRECTV. It is hard to find anyone these days who doesn’t watch at least one show that airs on The CW. But you can get lost in all the choices flooding your screen with DIRECTV. However, this blog is happy to make that easier for you.

Nobody likes clicking through channels endlessly. Especially if at the end of it you still can’t find the channel you want. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have subscribed to the right DIRECTV package. The CW currently comes with DIRECTV Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate and Premier. You won’t see The CW if you have subscribed to the Select package. Additionally, The CW is one of the few channels that are available in select markets only. You can find The CW at:

Channel Name Channel Number
The CW, East 394
The CW, West 395

What’s to Watch on The CW on DIRECTV?

If you are a young adult, there is a lot to watch on the CW. You can get your fill of teen drama with Riverdale. Catch all the action on Black Lightning. Catch mystery, UFO’s and conspiracies on Roswell, New Mexico. The CW is also home to some DC favorites like The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow.

Of course, the network’s crown jewel is the wildly popular Supernatural, which will end after its fifteenth season. The CW airs seven days a week. It airs from Mondays to Fridays in the afternoon, and at primetime on Sundays. Saturday mornings see a live-action educational program called One Magnificent Morning. For DIRECTV customers, you can find The CW with DIRECTV Entertainment packages or above

What Else Is There to Watch on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is one of the most comprehensive TV entertainment options in the American market. You can find everything from TNT to ESPN on DIRECTV. ESPN is the country’s premier sports entertainment channel, containing everything from the NFL to the NHL and NBA. ESPN is extremely popular with sports fans and has a very dedicated following in most American households.

CBS on DIRECTV is another very popular channel with viewers across America. The channel is best known for The Big Bang Theory but also airs some of the best current TV shows as well. Some of the programmings it airs include The Bold and The Beautiful, Star Trek Discovery, and Criminal Minds.

DIRECTV is also home to the Fox network. Fox on DIRECTV is the part of the Big Four broadcasting networks in America. Owned by the Walt Disney Corporation, the network airs 19 hours of programming every week. It has a mix of adult animation, children’s programs, news, and sports. Fox is home to The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Gifted, The Orville, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


DIRECTV is a satellite TV service from AT&T. The service has become extremely popular with the American public over recent years. Part of this is because the service offers one of the largest selections of TV channels within the United States. The best part about DIRECTV is it works even in areas outside of AT&T Fiber availability.

The CW is one of the most popular channels on the service. However, it may be only available in select markets. To make sure you have the CW included in your package, contact AT&T customer service with your subscription details. Helpful representatives will be able to answer that question within just a few moments.

This will help you save time flipping endlessly through channels at random. Stay tuned to this blog for more information on channels and channel positions.


Channel number can be different for your designated location. These numbers were taken from the official website and last updated April-2019

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