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What Channel is CW on Spectrum Charter / TWC?

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For most viewers, shows and movies serve the purpose of providing their favorite form of entertainment. If you are that viewer, enjoy entertainment in its best forms with CW on Spectrum. It ensures that we get unwind at the end of the day. At least we have something to look forward to after those long hours at work and running chores. Among all the cable TV providers in the US, Spectrum offers a complete package for everyone.

CW on Spectrum – Entertainment at its Best

The CW Television Network is commonly referred to as The CW. This American channel has gained popularity by airing entertaining content that the audience loves. The channel made its debut back in September 2006. That was after its two predecessors, the WB and UPN. They ceased their operations in the same year. Interestingly, the programming lineup of the said network was created to appeal to women. And that too, between the ages of 18-34. However, in 2011, the network managed to expand the programming to appeal to men. Since 2017, the audience of CW is 50% females and 50% males.

Here is the Spectrum channel guide for CW in different states and cities:

Channel Name City/State Channel Number
KRCW – The CW Long Beach, Washington 3, 790
WPIX – The CW New York 1212, 11
KTLA – The CW California 5, 750
WWLP – The CW Massachusetts 788, 13
WKCF – The CW Orlando, Florida 8, 1080
KNCT – CW Texas 20
WGNT – The CW Virginia 707, 7

An Incredible Channel with Variety of Entertainment

Have you experienced aimless channel surfing after a long tiring day? Only in hopes of finding something worth watching? But you end up finding nothing. Instead of getting refreshed and rejuvenated, you feel even more tired with useless channel surfing. Well, with the CW, that’s not going to happen. And every Charter Double Play package includes the CW in its channel lineup essentially. It airs content from different entertainment genres that are bound to entertain you. Some of the current programming options on the said channel are:

  • Comedies
  • Dramas
  • Reality shows
  • Children’s programming
  • Daytime

And so much more. You’ll not even miss CBS!

Some Promising Titles

Are you really looking forward to hooking up to your screen for some exciting show? Just like TNT shows? Well, CW has a lot to offer. These show recommendations will ensure that you are glued to your screen and get all the relaxation and entertainment that you crave for.

Here you go:

  • Riverdale
  • The Flash
  • Jane the Virgin
  • All American
  • Legacies
  • Supergirl
  • The 100
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Supernatural
  • Nancy Drew
  • Roswell season
  • In the Dark
  • Katy Keene
  • Infinite Crisis
  • Two Sentence Horror Stories

If you have one of the Spectrum cable deals, you can enjoy these shows in pristine HD quality. Let’s give you a bit of a preview of some of these shows:

Nancy Drew

A brilliant and gripping teen detective show! It revolves around the protagonist, Nancy, who has a strong sense of self. Her mother’s sudden death takes her by surprise and derails her from college plans. She is left devastated by the huge loss and intends to not get into any crime-solving stuff. She reapplies to college only to find herself as a prime suspect when a socialite is murdered. Watch to see what happens next!


Currently airing its 15th successful season, Supernatural revolves around two brothers, Sam and Dean. They follow the footsteps of their father to eliminate demons, monsters, and various supernatural entities, which they encounter. If you are into supernatural stuff, you will love it!


Roswell’s all three seasons were a success. Set in 1999, it begins with bizarre happenings in New Mexico. UFOs were known to be spotted here back in 1947. It begins with a high-school student successfully saving the life of a teenage waitress. The two, being surrounded by cliques of angst-filled, clever classmates, end up forming a strong bond. Watch to discover the secret universe they are threatening. You will explore superhuman powers and alien genes and whatnot!

In the Dark

The season has been recently aired and has gained popularity. Blind Murphy in his twenties is drifting through his life in the haze of drunkenness. Her only friends are Tyson and Jess. Her world is turned upside down when she witnesses Tyson’s dead body outside her apartment. By the time the police arrived, the body had disappeared. Watch to find out whether Murphy was able to figure out what happened to her friend.

Katy Keene

If you love comedy, this is the show for you! It revolves around two friends. Katy, who designs clothes, and Josie who has a knack for singing. Both go through their own struggles with their careers. Watch to discover if they were able to keep their friendship intact amidst their challenges.

Infinite Crisis

DC Comics published a comic book by the same name in 2005-2006. Geoff Johns wrote it and it was illustrated by George Perez and Phil Jimenez and others. You have to see the series to judge whether they did justice to its written format.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Starring Mardy Ma, Jen Richards, and Hannah Barlow, this horror fiction is going to get you glued to your screen. The anthology series is based on exploring social and primal fears.

You must have watched some of these already. And you know that they are worth hooking up. All you need to do now is to dial the Spectrum customer service number and go for the package that suits your entertainment preferences the best. Don’t forget to have CW on your channel lineup!


Is the CW a local channel?

Yes. The CW is an American free-to-air channel in the English language.

Is the CW free?

If you are a subscriber, CW would be on the channel lineup. On streaming services like Roku too, the channel is free.


Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed at the time of writing.

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