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Get the Best Entertainment with the DIRECTV Entertainment Package

DIRECTV Entertainment Package

When one thinks of TV entertainment, a number of great TV services come to mind. After all, in the age of digital consumers, providers have to enter into stiff competition. They have to compete with each other to retain their market share as well as add new subscribers. Of course, it is always better from a consumer standpoint to have a lot of options to choose from. And in that vein, one of the best and most popular TV options in the U.S. is the DIRECTV Entertainment package. That is what this blog is all about.

What is DIRECTV?

DIRECTV, owned by AT&T, is a premier home television service in America. The service is a popular alternative to many cable TV options in virtually every area within the US. The service is different from regular cable TV in that it does not broadcast TV signals over a coaxial cable to your TV. Instead, it uses satellite technology to deliver quality entertainment directly to your home. Launched in January 1990, the service has over 16.83 million subscribers within the United States as of 2019. Most of these are those who avidly follow their entertainment needs on popular channels like FX.

The service comes in a number of tiers to offer more options based on entertainment needs. Each tier contains a carefully curated selection of channels, including many HD options as well. The most popular packages are currently the following:

All packages add value to your TV lifestyle, but this blog discusses the Entertainment tier.

Details on DIRECTV Entertainment Package

The provider offers a number of packages in different tiers for its pay-TV services. Among these, DIRECTV Entertainment remains a very popular selection. Thanks in part to the comprehensive and well-rounded DIRECTV Entertainment package channel list.  Subscribers to the package get access to hundreds of unique channels including many as crisp HD options. The package contains a selection of sports, entertainment, music, lifestyle, and news channels. For a casual sports fan that only watches major sports events, this is by far the best option. Don’t forget your MTV entertainment either. The package has something for everyone. Please note that the package does not contain certain channels like the Paramount Network.

What Channels Do You Get?

The package contains a well-planned lineup consisting of 160 channels. This lineup has enough diversity to cover a variety of entertainment tastes and needs. You can get channels that cater to diversity in genders and sexual orientations like Bravo. On the other hand, there are a number of other standard entertainment options that include AMC and Comedy Central. For a complete list of available channels in this package, speak to a representative at 1-855-850-5973. Some of the channels you can get include the following:

Premium Channels Regular Channels
Cinemax A&E
Epix AMC
Showtime Bravo
Starz CBS Sports Network

Reasons to Choose DIRECTV

For over 19 years in a row, DIRECTV has consistently been a leader in the industry. The provider has been getting higher customer satisfaction ratings than any other TV service in America. And while there are other tiers like DIRECTV Select package, the Entertainment package remains one of the most popular. This is because of a healthy balance between price and channel offered. But if you really want to get the ultimate premium entertainment experience, then you might consider the DIRECTV Premier package instead. As it stands, with the Entertainment offer, you get the following:

  • Access to the provider’s on-demand library.
  • More than 160 unique channels including HD options.
  • Free 3-month access to premium channels like HBO.
  • Access to the DIRECTV app for on-the-go entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the DIRECTV Entertainment package?

The package is currently priced at just $64.99 per month.*

*Price disclaimer: for 12 months w/24-month agreement and qualifying AT&T Wireless SVC (minimum $50/month after discounts for new customers). Autopay and Paperless Bill required. Prices higher in the second year.

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