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What are the Best Alternatives for DirecTV Now?

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Without a doubt, DirecTV Now by AT&T is one of the most popular TV streaming services. People who are entirely in favor of cable TV cord cutting prefer the said service. However, recent reviews and user testimonials are a little mixed. If you ask us to rate the service based on these reviews, we would perhaps just give it a 7.5/10. However, users consider it a solid alternative to traditional cable. That doesn’t mean that the traditional cable TV.

We will give you some viable alternatives to streaming services too. Read on to find out.

Where does DirecTV Now stand?

We would agree to the fact that the said service offers some good packages and pricing features. They are easy to understand and modern users who want solely internet-based streaming service like it. They also offer premium channels such as HBO for only $5 per channel. And that too, without any annual contract. If you are an AT&T subscriber, it is a solid choice for you.

We are going to briefly talk about some of the problems related to it.

Reduced Support for Multi-Platforms

This is perhaps the biggest problem related to DirectTV Now.  The spotty support to many platforms is a major turn off. It is available on:

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire
  • Android & iOS devices

But, it doesn’t support devices like game consoles. Also, it has a poor browser support. It still uses the very old Microsoft Silverlight protocol to stream videos instead of Flash or HTML5. This means that it is practically impossible to use it on any modern browser. If you have Google Chrome, for instance, it will not support its streaming.

Simultaneous Streaming is Limited to 2 Devices

If you are a big family of entertainment-lovers and you confidently cut the cord of your traditional Cable TV, now is the time to regret. Why? Because you cannot use DirecTV Now on more than two devices at a time. There is not even a way or a price to increase this limit. This is not the case with other streaming services such as Hulu with Live TV.

No DVR Functionality

It doesn’t offer any sort of DVR functionality. While other streaming services such as PlayStation Vue and Sling TV support DVR. You cannot record your TV, fast-forward it through ads, or pause your live TV, which is frustrating. You can only stream select TV titles from the On-Demand (limited) catalog. The other option is to use the feature of ’72-hour’ rewind. With that, you can only watch the content that is recently aired.

However, DVR functionality by AT&T shows potential when established.

Alternatives to DirecTV Now

If you don’t want to go back to a traditional cable TV service such as Frontier, here are some of the most viable alternatives to the said streaming service. All of the following services are purely internet-based too. Read on.

Sling TV

It is perhaps the most amazing alternative that we could suggest. Sling TV gives you a steady access to the same content and entertainment channels as DirecTV does. The difference is that the price is way cheaper. You get the liberty of picking your desired channels. You can also customize your subscription according to your entertainment needs. And there are no frustrating contract terms. If you want to cancel the service, you don’t have to pay any early termination fee. You don’t have to pay for any equipment either.

Hulu with Live TV

Our next recommendation is Hulu with Live TV. If you get your hands on the Live TV package, you can access hundreds of channels. And this includes premium channels like HBO. Your zip code will determine the channel package that you will get. In addition to Live TV, Hulu gives On-Demand program service too. The movie library has tons of titles. And you can always watch them when you are not liking Live TV content.

YouTube TV

Now that Google has purchased YouTube, it now offers live TV as well. Like other streaming services, YouTube TV also offers a channel lineup based on the zip code. They offer options like National Geographic, Disney Channels, FX, USA, and others. YouTube TV is super accessible. You can use it on most of the devices and you can watch live TV anywhere. Moreover, there is a good number of news channels offered.

PlayStation Vue

PS Vue is a great live TV streaming service. You get to stream channels like AMC, Starz, HBO live, CW and others. You get other channels based on your zip code. Also, it is compatible with most of the devices except Xbox One and others. Therefore, it is highly accessible.

Fubo TV

If you are a sports enthusiast, consider Fubo TV. You get access to all the live sports channels such as NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and so many others. You will get a lot of International Soccer action too. you can access TV series and movies on your Fubo TV too just like you can access them on Spectrum Cable TV. The primary content, however, revolves around sports. The service is quite reliable too.

Comparing Streaming Services with Traditional Cable

While there is a massive shift from traditional TV to streaming service, we really think traditional cable TV is not a bad idea. Every cable TV service such as Frontier Cable TV, offer an extensive channel lineup. They cover every entertainment genre. They also offer innovative features like DVR and On Demand catalog. These features are not strictly associated with streaming services only. For instance, Spectrum Cable TV offers some well-designed packages. It offers DVR, On Demand entertainment, and other customizable options. And it remains to be an affordable option.

So, before you cut the cord, think of all the possibilities and make a fair comparison. After all, you don’t want to end up comprising on your entertainment needs. The goal is to get quality entertainment! Hence, analyze all the available options.


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