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DIRECTV Ultimate Package is Truly Worth It!

DIRECTV Ultimate Package

If you wish to bring home ultimate entertainment without having to break the bank, the DIRECTV Ultimate package is for you. You won’t believe your eyes after you read what all does the Ultimate package has to offer at an affordable price tag. There is much more to this package than giving subscribers access to over 250 channels.

Does DIRECTV Ultimate Package Offer More for Less?

Here is a list of all the features that the subscribers get access to when they opt for DIRECTV Ultimate package:

Genie DVR

A genie HD DVR that allows you to store above 200 hours of non-stop entertainment. The best part is that you do not have to pay an extra cost for this DVR. It comes in the price that you pay for the package.

This means that you get to relish watching shows and movies at the time that suits you. In case you are busy when the much-awaited episode of your favorite season airs, the Genie DVR has your back.

Inclusion of the App

The DIRECTV app comes included in the package as well. So, you do not have to pay an extra amount for that as well. The app allows you to watch TV when you are on the go.

NFL Sunday Ticket

All the 2020 seasons come as a part of your package at no extra cost. However, some of the international games might not be included in the packages. But that is fine. As long as you are getting access to the majority of the games without having to pay extra, what better to ask for?

Only DIRECTV brings to its customers live NFL games. All the more reasons for you to subscribe to DIRECTV.

3 Months of Premium Entertainment

Subscribers also get free access to premium channels for the first three months of subscription. The list of premium channels include:

After the end of three months, your service will continue as it is without the premium channels. And to get access to them after the end of the three-month period, you will have to pay an extra amount. Channels including HBO are a part of the package.

On-Demand Shows and Movies

The package gives you access to over 55k On Demand movies and shows. This means that you can do without the Netflix subscription. Although you won’t forgo it. Because of the trend. But the wide range of channels that this package includes coves up all the shows and movies that you would watch on Netflix.

Reward Card

If you order the package online, you also get a reward card worth $50. You can adjust this amount to your next month’s bill.

2 is Better than 1

It is always a good option to bundle one service with another to save money. Having said that, DIRECTV has an amazing bundle for the subscribes. You can opt for AT&T Internet packages including AT&T Fiber plans to enjoy more entertainment on just one convenient bill. In this way, you get to save $240 a year. That is not an ignorable amount.

The Movie Lovers’ Package

The Ultimate package by DIRECTV is more famously dubbed as the ‘movie lovers’ package’. It includes fourteen movie channels. All these channels belong to various genres. Which means there is a movie channel for everyone and every mood. The most famous series of movie channels is perhaps the ENCORE channels. And DIRECTV Ultimate package features them all.

So, if you are done watching shows on any given channel, you can always switch to any of the movie channels to enjoy a weekend night with friends and family.

DIRECTV Ultimate Package Channel List

Subscribers who wish to have a look at the channel list, here is a table to guide you.

Premium Channels (for first 3 months) Other Channels
Cinemax Altitude Sports
Epix AMC
Starz Boomerang
Cinemax East
Comedy Central

Cost of the Unlimited Features

Having read all the features that DIRECTV Ultimate package offers, now is the time that you should learn about the price tag for them. You have to pay $84.99/month for the ultimate package. To learn more about the package details, and any additional costs, contact a rep on 1-855-850-5973. The friendly and courteous staff will guide you through.


How much is DIRECTV ultimate package for?

It costs $84.99/month.

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Prices and availability depend upon your location. These packages were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 10th Mar-2020.

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