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What Channel is Discovery on Spectrum Charter/TWC?

what channel is Discovery on Spectrum

TV doesn’t necessarily have to be all about Game of Thrones. You don’t have to only watch episodes of Chernobyl or Cosmos to educate yourself. If you want to learn more about our beloved planet and its delicate ecosystems, look no further than Discovery on Spectrum. The Discover Network owns a host of channels, which we will discuss in this blog.

Spectrum is one of the biggest providers in the United States. That means it offers a huge and well-curated selection meant to appeal to larger audiences.

However, it is easy to get confused due to the sheer volume of options available. Luckily, this blog can help you without you resorting to checking the online Spectrum Channel guide.

Where can I Find Discovery on Spectrum?

You are probably itching to find out where to find Discovery and what to watch on it. That is entirely normal, because of the high-quality and factual nature programming.

Channel Names Los Angeles, California New Hartford, Connecticut Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Discovery 31 27 20
Discovery West 737 130
Discovery Family 266 103 111
Discovery en Espanol 930 279 809
Discovery Familia 924 280 872
Discovery Life 180 114 153

The network is much easier to find than premium channels like ACCN, HBO. The actual position may vary based on your location, but you can find it on channels 31, 27, and 20 in LA, New Hartford, and Pittsburg respectively.

The Discovery Channel has a lot to offer the nature-curious viewer. Perhaps the most popular show it ever aired was Man vs Wild, starring Bear Grylls. The facts-based programming covers a number of genres like climate change, wildlife, marine life, and even true-crime.

Difference Between Discovery and Discovery West on Charter

Unless you live on the West Coast, chances are there are two listings for the channel on your TV guide. However, don’t worry if there isn’t one.

Discovery West on Charter is just the West Coast broadcast of the Channel. It features the exact same programming as the Discovery channel. However, it just airs according to a different time zone.

If you live on the west coast, this would be the channel you most likely tune into to get your nature fix. There is absolutely no difference between the two. It features the same popular TV shows like Deadliest Catch, MythBusters, How They Do It, and others.

You can find it on Charter at channel positions 737 and 130 respectively in Hartford and Pittsburg. It does not come as a premium add-on like AMC.

Why Can’t I Find Discovery Health on Spectrum?

Discovery Health started out as a spinoff of the Discovery back in 1998. It focused primarily on health, fitness, and nutrition as part of an ongoing shift towards healthy living. It primarily aired reruns of popular health and medicine related shows from other channels owned by the network.

The reason you can’t find Discovery Health on Spectrum is that it is no longer functional. It joined with the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2011. It then went further rebranding and emerged as Discovery Life.

Where is Discovery Home on Charter?

Discovery Home on Charter can’t be found anymore because it does not operate under that name anymore. It was a part of the Network since 1998. It was then relaunched as Planet Green. Under its current name, It has been replaced by Destination America.

Has Discovery Kids on Spectrum Stopped Airing?

This was originally started out as a special kids segment on the Discovery. However, it gained enough popularity to become a spinoff channel.

It has since expanded into different markets and underwent lots of rebranding. You cant find Discovery Kids on Spectrum or any other cable provider. However, you can find it in other markets like Australia, India, and Latin America.

Discovery Times on Charter Availability?

People often confuse the Discovery Times Square exhibition as a separate channel. However, that is not the case. You cannot find Discovery TSX on Charter because it is not a channel nor is it Pay-Per-View.

It was an exhibition space located at 226 West 44th Street in NYC. This is the iconic building that The New York Times initially occupied, giving Times Square its famous name. It closed down in 2016.

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