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Don’t cut the cord on your existing Cable TV service just yet…

With the prevalence of online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV (among over 200 others), a large number of Americans are actively choosing to go fully wireless. They want to replace their existing standalone and bundled cable TV, phone and internet subscriptions with more cost-effective entertainment solutions.

But the practice of ‘cutting the cord’ comes with its own share of merits & demerits. Contrary to online opinions, this cord cutting route may not fare similarly well for all people.

But what is Cord Cutting, exactly?

Before you get all fired up about cord cutting, find out what the practice actually entails.

To put it simply, when you decide to cut the cord, all your TV binge sessions would then stream through your internet connection. These entertaining drills may include tuning into local channel stations, or watching Premium channels – HBO, A&E, The History Channel, and ESPN etc. – content.

This sort of internet service may be attained either through a wired or cable-free network linkage. As such, the jury is still out on how far you need to go wireless to be a cord cutter.

Some people consciously choose to resort to their TV antennas (homemade) for catching local channel stations! Interestingly they are also part of this new-age fringe. According to market analysts, these people may soon turn into a majority due to the costly wired legacy TV plans.

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You May Want to Cut the Cord Because:

  1. You have the option to avail great price savings through online streaming services (of which Philo TV is the cheapest market example). These price discounts would save you a great deal more money than traditional cable bundle plans.
  2. Popular internet streaming networks (DirecTV Now, fuboTV, and PlayStation Vue) now come with Premium Channels functionality on their cable TV. It was only a couple of years ago that watching Game of Thrones required a standard cable TV subscription.
  3. TV antennas are able to catch local channel broadcasts in crisp HD resolutions free. So, you no longer need to pay huge fees to cable companies in your area for the same TV stations lineup.
  4. Major cable TV providers get customers to sign-up for their services at cheap starting rates. These monthly subscription costs are gradually raised adding numerous sidelong (hidden costs) fees. Customer loyalty is of little consequence! That makes cord cutting a considerably cheaper alternative.
  5. Recognizing the growing dis-satisfaction, many internet services provide bundle deals of their own. They are attempting to lessen the appeal of traditional cable bundle deals. They offer more services-variety for those who choose to cut the cable TV cord.

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You May Not Want to Cut the Cord because:

  1. Big cable service providers are increasing their standalone Internet service costs. Some are refusing to provide speed upgrades on existing plans (unlike their double & triple play deal offers). This is part of an effort to limit the popularity of chord cutters in the consumer market.
  2. When you do decide to cut the TV cord, you probably won’t be able to enjoy a whole lot of different TV channel options. For that you subscribe to more than one streaming service. Therefore, you may not get to save on bills as much as you would like to.
  3. In many areas, if you switch to a standalone internet service you may end up the same company, which you discontinued. This may make arriving at a suitable monthly subscription price that suits you quite difficult.
  4. Traditional wired bundle packages offer the advantage of bulk discounts. You get high-speed Internet for a lower price (in bundle) than you would get in the standalone format. When you cut the TV cord, you may no longer be able to enjoy such benefits.
  5. Traditional wired cable offers the feature of consistent service-quality reliability. That may not be a guarantee on any internet streaming service (whether wired or wireless). It all depends on smooth and uninterrupted net downloading & uploading speeds.

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When Finally Deciding to Cut the Cable TV Cord

In the end, your decision to cut the TV cord or not depends on how much you want to save. For that you will need to do your own market research. Only then, you should enter the wireless domain. Find out as much as you can and then decide on the best deal!

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