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What Channel is ESPN on Comcast Xfinity?

ESPN On Comcast Xfinity

Nothing beats downtime with friends and family. And what better way to spend it than watch your favorite sport while you cheer your favorite team. While there are many channels that claim to offer you and your peers an action-packed night (or day), ESPN on Comcast fulfills it too. Not only does Xfinity offer ESPN as a sports fanatic’s entertainment but it has many more channels on the list. In fact, Xfinity X1 is a sports lover’s heaven. In fact, Xfinity X1 is the ultimate sports companion that one could ask for.

Never Miss a Game

Xfinity rightly judged the sports fanatic’s need for packages that cater to sports and sports only. Pretty sure reading that much ‘sports’ won’t bother the crazy fans either. Anyway, the subscribers of qualifying packages get an option to add ‘Sports Entertainment Package’ as a bonus. Which means that you can choose to watch ESPN2 on Xfinity or switch to any other. The choice is yours. There is an array of options that you can choose from including FCS and NFL RedZone.

ESPN on Comcast – What all Does it Offer?

Well signing up for ESPN guarantees you a list of exciting shows to take care of your entertainment. The channel broadcasts show on based on the following categories:

  • Talk/debate
  • Original series
  • Game telecasts
  • News/analysis

You will be surprised to learn that some of the shows have been entertaining the people since the late ’70s. Some of the oldest shows include ‘Baseball Tonight’, a show that recaps the whole Major League Baseball action. Apart from that, many original series also entertained the audiences in the past including:

  • The New American Sportsman
  • Knight School
  • Shaquille
  • Tilt
  • Dream Job
  • Free Agent

If this was not enough, you also get to watch Professional Wrestling and game telecasts.

Channel Lineup:

Here’s a list of all the ESPN channels Xfinity offers and the channel number you can find them on.

Channel Name Attleboro, MA Jersey City Charleston Detroit
ESPN on Xfinity 49 24 59 28
ESPN2 on Comcast 50 27 60 29
ESPN News on Xfinity 248 102 102
ESPNU on Comcast 900 730 39 735
ESPN Sports on Comcast


Apart from that, Comcast also offers you with channels to satisfy your appetite for the latest shows. Because let’s be honest, who does not fancy a ‘binge-watch’ worthy good show!

Who Doesn’t Fancy College Sports – ESPNU on Xfinity

Many among you would be college sports fans. Well, ESPN has something for you as well. In fact, ESPN and Xfinity both have to offer you a channel to satisfy this need of yours with ESPNU on Xfinity. From cricket to football to tennis, the channel keeps you posted all that is happening in the world of college sports.

Well, they clearly don’t. A classic is a classic. But the ESPN Classic on Comcast was dropped by the company from Xfinity channel lineup in December 2017. This must have been a rather sad news for the sports lovers. Because the channel featured rebroadcasts of all your favorite sporting events. This included sports documentaries and famous sports-themed movies. The latter was rather interesting as it included biographies of some of the celebrated names in the sports world. Or aired reruns of World Series. The channel gave the individuals a blast from the past. Something the sports fanatics would be really keen about- watching what a particular sport looked like back in time.

ESPN Sports on Xfinity: a Sports Lover’s Paradise

While the Xfinity subscribers can no longer have access to the classic anymore, ESPN Sports on Xfinity and other channels offered by the company somewhat cover up for it.

ESPN2 on Xfinity– For Alternative Sports

There are people in this world who are interested in watching alternative sports like poker and billiards. Well, it may sound odd to many but ESPN2 caters to the individuals who fancy alternative sports.

ESPN News on Comcast– Know What’s Going on Around You!

Agreed that ESPN has a lot to offer for the sports fanatics. But there is a little something for the people who like to keep themselves posted with all the latest happenings around the world. ESPN News on Comcast TV Packages is just about the right pick to keep yourself updated through talk shows and debates. The channel also features a rundown of famous sporting events.

Binge Watching Shows – a Side Hobby

If you love watching shows as much as you relish watching a sports event, then ABC on Comcast has you covered. From the latest comedy shows to reality TV, you get it all on ABC. Among the many famous seasons are:

  • The Bachelor
  • The Good Doctor
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • The Rookie
  • Black-ish
  • Grey’s Anatomy

That’s a lot of entertaining shows on one channel.

Anyhow, Xfinity offers you with many more options of channels to choose from. You can select a genre that suits your taste palate. In case, you struggle to find the perfect option that suits your taste, the customer service reps are always there to help.

Need Help?

Xfinity Customer service reps have the adequate knowledge to guide you through the process of selecting the best package and channel line-up for you. Not only this, but the reps can also assist you with other things, may you face a problem. This includes having difficulty in setting up the router. Or inquiring about your billing details. The reps have an answer to all your queries. Moreover, they are courteous enough to not make you feel bad about asking a question over and over again. So the next time you have trouble with your Xfinity connection, you know whom to ring.


Channel number can be distinctive for your relegated zone. These numbers were taken from the official site and last revived Jan-2019.

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