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What Channel is ESPN on Cox?

Sports lovers often complain that there are not enough channels to entertain them. But with ESPN on Cox, you do not have to worry about that too. Because it offers a couple of channels to cater to the various needs of sports lovers. If it is not Cox that you want to opt for, you can search for others. But you will also have to check if all companies offer ESPN or not. Cable companies in my area do. So there was not much to worry about.

Here’s all that ESPN brings to you.

ESPN on Cox has Got You Covered

ESPN is a prominent name in the world of sports entertainment. The sports fanatics will be well aware of the diverse kinds of sporting events and matches that air on the channel. From football to cricket to tennis, you will find it all on ESPN.

However, if these sports are not your cup of tea, then you can tune into F1 races for some thrill and action. As mentioned before, the premium sports channel covers all the sports that possibly exist.

If you subscribe to Cox, here’s the Cox channel lineup for ESPN in different states.

Channel Names Hampton Roads Area, Virginia Las Vegas, Nevada San Diego, California Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
ESPN 12 30 27 29
ESPN2 60 31 28 28
ESPNews 231 321 323 254
ESPNU 232 320 322 253
ESPN Classic 230 322 324 255
ESPN Deportes 272 323 325 461


You will find all the different channels that ESPN offers if you subscribe to Cox cable packages.

More Sports with ESPN2 on Cox

ESPN2 launched with a different motive than what it is serving now to the sports fanatic. In its initial days, the channel’s aim was to focus on air sports that were popular among the young audience.

Hence, making it a channel that catered to young adults. However, this exclusiveness diminished with time. And the ESPN2 that you watch today is nothing but a second outlet for ESPN’s sports coverage.

So, there is no exclusivity that the channel now serves. However, with ESPN2 on Cox, you will have access to a wider range of sports matches and events to watch. You can even choose to tune into any match that you do not want to miss on the app using Cox internet packages.

However, if you still do not manage to catch up on any of the sporting events, ESPN has something for you too.

ESPN Classic on Cox Never Gets Old

The channel features the rebroadcasts of some of the most famous sporting events. Hence, taking you back in time. Apart from the celebrated events, you can also get a chance to watch some old sports documentaries. Not only this but you can also watch some sports-related movies on this channel.

Hence, making it a complete entertainment package for you. The sports fanatics will relish tuning into ESPN Classic on Cox. However, if you wish to stay updated about the current happenings in the world, then ESPN has something in store for you as well.

Stay Updated with ESPN News on Cox

The channel will keep you posted with all the current happenings in the world of sports. You can catch up on the scores or the event highlights on this channel. You can also watch various sports debate shows or other entertainment shows on ESPN News on Cox.

And if you want to learn more about college sports, then you have a channel that you can tune into.

ESPNU on Cox – For Some Thrills

The channel aims at covering all the college sports. So, it becomes easy for you to keep up with the rivals’ or your favorite teams’ performances. It will also give you a chance to stay posted about campus sports. Therefore, making ESPNU on Cox a fun and thrilling channel to tune into.

While ESPN has so many channels to offer, it also keeps the Hispanics in mind. Therefore, the network has dedicated a channel to the Spanish people.

ESPN Deportes on Cox

This channel aims at entertaining the Hispanic community in the United States. However, you can also tune into the channel to make the sports-watching experience a bit different with ESPN Deportes on Cox.

However, if you are thinking that Cox does not have any other entertaining channels to offer, you are wrong. The company does not only cater to the sports lovers. But it also keeps in mind the people who love the following shows. Therefore, you also get a chance to watch CBS on Cox along with other premium channels. You just need to know about the right Cox TV packages.

Not to forget the fact that you get access to the Cox mobile app when you select any of the packages. Therefore, opting for the Internet service by the company will add to your advantage. You can take the Cox internet speed test at any time and you will see that the company offers an amazing speed at affordable prices.

TV Packages by Cox

If you know the right package, you can get access to not just ESPN but many other premium channels like Starz on Cox. The different packages that the company offers include:

  • Cox Bronze Bundle
  • The Cox Silver Bundle
  • Cox Gold Bundle

Need More Help?

Choose the one that meets all your needs and enjoy watching an array of channels. You will also get access to courteous reps through Cox customer support. They will help you with any query that you have. From choosing the bundles to asking the reps about the Cox bill pay, they will answer it all for you.


Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site.

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, we have made all the required efforts towards obtaining owner/publisher approval for the use of images in VISIONECLICK.COM blog posts. However, if you find violations of any sorts regarding any image, please feel free to contact us. Prices and packages mentioned may vary with time and the specific locations.

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