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What Channel Is ESPN Plus On Spectrum?

What Channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum

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Who doesn’t know about the ESPN channel? It’s probably your dad’s favorite sports channel. Anyone familiar with ESPN is much more likely to be familiar with ESPN Plus also known as ESPN+. It’s a package full of sports news, events as well as documentaries. Wondering if ESPN Plus on Spectrum is available? Get all your answers plus all the top programs aired on this channel in this blog.

What is ESPN Plus?

First things, first, it’s not a cable network like ESPNU. It’s a streaming service owned by Disney and managed by the BAMTech unit which is the same powerhouse behind WWE, HBO, along similar other video apps. Disney has indicated that ESPN+ might be bundled with Disney’s streaming service in the future.

This service is not available through a separate standalone app. It exists in the ESPN app and it’s available on a variety of devices starting from smartphones, game consoles, and streaming players.

The service is great for watching live sports starting from college basketball, football, MLS and MLB games, international basketball, UFC, and even martial arts events. Think of it as an on-demand sports streaming service that broadcasts every live game or event from ESPN which cannot fit into the schedule of regular channels.

Is ESPN Plus on Spectrum Cable?

ESPN+ is not available for Spectrum TV customers because it’s not a network. Therefore, if you are searching for the ESPN Plus channel on Spectrum, you won’t it anywhere. The cable TV provider does, however, provide ESPN and ESPNU and some other variants.

ESPN schedule is not available in the Spectrum TV app. You must download WatchESPN (which is free) to watch sports content provided by the network. You will be asked to enter your Spectrum credentials to view the schedule and start watching your favorite shows.

Spectrum may not offer ESPN+ service, but the provider has put efforts to bring content from this streaming service to its valued fans. Some of its exclusive shows like UFC fights are available as Pay Per View content on Spectrum.

How is ESPN+ Different than ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3?

ESPN Plus is different from all ESPN variants. Even the content offered by NBA TV has no match. A subscription to ESPN+ won’t grant you access to live games broadcasted on these networks.

Not only does it offer content for MLS, NHL, and MBL fans, but it has a huge library of praiseworthy ESPN documentaries as well as exclusive shows. If you are looking for something inspirational, this content will serve you well.

Does that mean it’s okay to ditch all other sports channels and just stick to this streaming service? NO WAY! If you do so, you will be missing out on a fair amount of sports entertainment. Each of these sports variants has something unique to offer. You are definitely going to need cable for channels like FS1 and other sports networks if you are a sports enthusiast.

How to Watch ESPN+?

It’s very easy to tune in to this service. You will need the Internet to watch its programming. Look into Spectrum Internet packages to find yourself a suitable speed tier. You may also watch the content on your smartphone, game console, and smart TV. The subscription costs $5 per month. It’s also available with the Disney+ streaming service. The price of PPV content varies from one cable TV provider to another. You can also check out the Spectrum channels list here.

What’s there to Watch?

The subscription to this service will give you access to 1000+ college sports events, live boxing, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, MMA, lacrosse, and everyone’s favorite MLB and BHL regular-season game coverage.

Some call this streaming service Netflix for sports. If you are a sports geek who would like the opportunity to dig into live sports events, on-demand archives are for you. The 30 for 30 docuseries is one of the best examples of such content. The on-demand TV shows, as well as movies related to sports, include:

  • Daily Wager
  • High Non
  • E: 60
  • O.J: Made in America
  • NBA: The Jump

The best part is the service doesn’t show leftovers from its other sports channels. It has its own original content. The popular names include:

  • Ariel & the Bad Guy
  • Detail (NBA analysis shown by late Kobe Bryant)
  • Lacrosse Weekly
  • The Boardroom
  • Draft Academy

Final Words

Don’t waste your time searching what channel number is ESPN Plus on Spectrum. Instead call customer service at 1-844-813-5886 to find out what events from the streaming service are available as Pay-Per-View.

If currently, no PPV event is available, don’t be disappointed. Explore the Spectrum TV guide and you are sure to find a sports channel worthy of a great weekend with your family.

Frequently Asked Question

Have a look at some frequently asked questions about ESPN+:

Is ESPN Plus available on Spectrum?

It’s a streaming service therefore, it’s not available in the provider’s cable TV plans.

How do I get ESPN Plus on Spectrum?

The only way to get content aired on this streaming service is to purchase PPV (Pay-Per-View) events.

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