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What Channel is ESPNU on Spectrum?

What Channel is ESPNU on Spectrum

Sports entertainment attracts the most number of viewers in the business. That’s just a fact. News, lifestyle, even Game of Thrones can’t bring in as many viewers consistently. Just consider the two mega fights between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Both fights earned millions in Pay-Per-Views. And they probably lost a lot more because of illegal streams. But those of us who do things the right way understand the need to have sports entertainment in a cable plan. This may be why you’re already looking for ESPNU on Spectrum.

Where Can I Find ESPNU on Spectrum?

Everyone remembers the bitter disappointment of the Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov faceoff cancellation. MMA and the UFC aren’t the only sports to have suffered. The coronavirus put a damper on most spectator sports in the United States. From basketball to football to baseball, season schedules were thrown into disarray. For the most part, people had to make do with rewatching old sporting events. However, with things beginning to look up, sports may be making a comeback. Many leagues like the MLB are already working on plans to hold a season during COVID-19. If you’re looking to find ESPNU channel on Spectrum, you can try the following:

City/State ESPNU


Chipley, Florida

165 1404
Grant, Alabama 404


Elmore, Alabama 165



Please note that the actual channel numbers may vary based on your location.

What is ESPNU?

There are fewer channels more popular than ESPNU on Time Warner Spectrum. In fact, the ESPN network is synonymous with sports entertainment. Have you ever heard of game night at a household that did not have ESPN? We didn’t think so. Sports entertainment is a big part of American entertainment needs. Sports viewership is what makes athletes like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant so famous and well-paid. However, ESPNU takes a different direction. Instead of professional sports like MLB or NBA, the channel focuses primarily on college sports and conferences.

What Sports Does ESPNU Cover?

While there is some studio programming, most people watch ESPNU on Charter Spectrum for live college sports. The channel primarily covers a variety of sports at the varsity level and has been doing so since 2005. Here are a few sports that you can expect to find on the channel:

  • College football.
  • College baseball.
  • College basketball.
  • College hockey.
  • College volleyball.
  • College softball.
  • College lacrosse.
  • Formula One

In many ways, ESPNU is as selective about its sports content as TV One is with its entertainment content.

A Brief History of ESPNU

ESPNU is part of the larger ESPN Inc umbrella. The network itself is owned by two major stakeholders, Disney Media Works, and Hearst Communications. In addition to college sports, ESPNU also airs additional ESPN programming such as Formula One and Summer of Next. Launched in March 2005, the channel was intended as a rival to CBS Sports. The channel has restricted itself to broadcasting collegiate sports and conference games. In August 2005, the channel also launched live streaming of college sports on its website. It remains a popular option for many households that prefer variety with their Court TV entertainment.

What Plans Carry ESPNU?

The provider currently offers three different cable TV plans. The entry-level plan, Spectrum TV select, carries more than 150 channels, including HD options. Spectrum TV Silver is a mid-tier plan that comes with more than 175 channels. The Spectrum TV Gold plan is the provider’s top tier cable plan and consists of over 200 channels. You can find ESPNU on TV Silver and TV Gold. Unfortunately, it is not available on TV Select. So you may need to upgrade your plan to catch all the college sports action.

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