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7 Ways To Fix Cox Cable Box Not Turning On

fix cox cable box not turning on

The renowned cable television company Cox Communications provides its subscribers a mini box that works with the TV. The main cable from the company is plugged into this receiver. It then transmits signals to your television through the wire.

Cox cable box is a very useful device, especially for those who want on-demand entertainment content and HD streaming. Due to its interactive options such as recording and pausing make, it is one of the most popular pieces of Cox TV equipment.

While the cable box has many uses and benefits, it can also be problematic at times. And this can be quite annoying for the user. Here are the most common mini box issues or errors faced by Cox cable subscribers.

#1. It Freezes or Acts Sluggish

Latency is among the most common cable box complaints, regardless of the company. Pixelation and freezing generally happen where TV signals are weak or disrupted. So if your box is taking too long to respond to your command or you’re facing freezing issues when switching between channels and modes, check your Cox cable settings. Make sure the cables are connected to the box and television properly.

#2. Missing Channels

What can be more annoying than finishing all chores in time to watch your favorite show or game only to discover its channel is missing. Initially, you may think you’re at the wrong channel. But after running a scan you confirm it is no longer there. This happens when the connection from the box to the TV is weak or damaged or when the cables get loose.

#3. Failed Activation

If your cable box is not turning on or showing other errors, chances are the cables are not plugged in the right places. The company provides the box as part of a package. Every piece of equipment is labeled along with the steps to set it up. If they are not followed to the core, the box would fail to activate.

Ways to Fix Cox Cable Box Problems

Following are some of the ways you can employ to address the various problems you’re facing with your Cox device.

#1. Check Your Cables & Connectors

Many Cox subscribers use Contour TV and Contour remote for an enhanced viewing experience. But if despite that, you face problems such as fuzzy screen, distortion, or no signals, you should check the cables and connectors. Two main cables help you stream TV through the mini box. One of these connects to the box through a wall power outlet while the other one connects to the TV. Make sure both these fit properly and are not hanging loose. You also need to look for signs of wear and tear as that is a major contributing factor to such issues.

If the condition of the cables is fine and they also fit correctly, check the connectors. They should not be rusted or corroded. You can also finger-tight the connectors if you find them to be loose.

#2. Optimize Wiring

Cables and wiring are not the same, as many assume. Cables are the wires that attach the box to the power outlet. On the other hand, wiring refers to the entire infrastructure. If your cable problems are persistent and you can’t figure out a problem with the box or cables, maybe you should assess the wiring of your house. You might need to engage a technician for the purpose. They would be better able to tell where the problem lies and whether or not your house needs re-wiring. Once you optimize the wiring, you’ll see that the cable box will activate without any hassle.

#3. Free Up Memory Space

What many users don’t realize is, if your cable box’s memory is full, it won’t switch on. It has a hard disk that contains all the recorded content. You can try to install this hard drive on other devices and delete the recorded boxes. When you have free space on the disk, you can install it in the mini-box again. This time, you’ll see it will switch on promptly.

#4. TV Input

If the wiring is in place and all cables are connecting fine, make sure you’re using the correct input. In the case of coax cable, the best input for the cable box is channel 3. However, if you have an HDMI cable, you can check inputs including channels, 1, 2 as well as 3.

#5. Lights

The lights on the Cox mini box can tell you a lot about the issues you need to attend to. For example, if the box has a green light, it means the signals are available and/or optimal. In that case, it could be the hardware that is causing the issue with the device. So have it checked by a professional and ask them to fix it as early as possible.

#6. Reboot the Device

If you’re unable to switch on the Cox mini box despite all efforts, try rebooting it. It is a simple process where you just need to switch off the box and unplug it from the power outlet. Let it rest for a couple of minutes before you decide to plug it back in. This helps resolve the configuration issues that could be causing the cable box to not turn on.

#7. Contact Cox Support

Resetting the device and updating the firmware resolves most of the Cox cable box problems. But if you’ve tried all possibilities and solutions yet can’t resolve the issue yourself, you should contact Cox support for assistance. It is possible that your box may be defective or that there may be a temporary outage at the company’s end. Whatever the reason, it’s important to not waste your time and seek help from the support department. They can tell you if the problem is due to a scheduled maintenance activity or not. They can also visit your place to assess the situation in person and come up with a viable solution.

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