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Cox Cable Settings Menu Not Available: 6 Fixes

fix cox cable settings menu not available

If you live in a Cox service area, you probably already have firsthand experience being a subscriber. If not, you probably hear your neighbors or coworkers talking about how it is one of the best service providers in your area. With a robust infrastructure extending to 18 states, the provider is one of the largest and most popular in the United States.

It certainly is still the largest privately-owned internet, TV, and home phone service provider in America. Thanks to outstanding service offerings and a range of plans to choose from, plus above-par value addition like the Contour TV remote, it usually rules the roost in most service areas.

Fixing Menu Unavailability in Cox Cable Settings

Cox remains one of the most dependable and recognizable brand names in the internet and cable service industry. With many customer service accolades under its belt, the provider has built an almost bulletproof reputation for reliability and response time.

However, while it undoubtedly is a top player in its niche, it still encounters the occasional service glitch like any of its competitors. The bad news is, no service provider can be 100 percent glitch-free. The good news is that with a provider like this, the glitches are infrequent, and can usually be resolved by simple steps like resetting your Mini Box.

However, this blog is more focused on a specific glitch and how to fix it. Namely, the cable menu is unavailable in the settings. If you’re having trouble with the same issue in your settings, you have arrived at the right blog. Keep reading for information on how you can fix this when it happens.

Step #1 Initiate a Reboot Cycle

The first step to fixing most problems with your cable can often be as simple as rebooting your hardware. It may sound like a very obvious solution, but that’s because it works far more often than it doesn’t. Rebooting your cable box can usually resolve problems with your menu availability. This is because the cable box is a receiver that translates digital signals into audio and video output. That implies there is a processor in the receiver with specific programming.

However, like any hardware that is in constant use, it can develop minor bugs in the firmware. A simple reboot can flush out many of these bugs that may be interfering with your cable TV experience. As a rule, when facing technical problems like your menu not being available in the cable settings, try rebooting your cable box. Simply remove the power cable from the back of the receiver, and then reattach it. Wait for up to two minutes for the receiver to fully cycle through its reboot. You’d be surprised how often this can fix the problem right away.

Step #2 Try a Hard Reset

If a simple reboot doesn’t fix the issue, don’t panic and start calling for a technician’s appointment straight away. There are still several options left for you to exhaust before that need arises. For example, where a reboot fails, a hard reset may still do the trick and fix the problem at hand. A hard reset usually takes care of many annoying service errors and glitches, including the occasional “Menu Not Available” error in your cable settings. There are two ways to do this.

The first one is to locate the Reset button on your cable receiver. This will usually be labeled, but be sure to check your user manual or search for the model online, just in case. Once you have located the button, press and hold it for around 10 seconds. This will trigger a hard reset, which will bring your router back to the same settings before the error occurred. This will usually be all you need. However, if the manual reset doesn’t work, there is still another way. Call the provider’s support center and ask the representative to initiate an automated reset instead.

Step #3 Check for Damaged Cables

If the 2 steps above don’t work, you could have a deeper problem. But it still may have a really simple fix that you could be ignoring. Damaged cables and wiring are usually the number one culprit behind service interruptions or disruptions. Cables can get damaged in many ways including age, accidents, pets, children, or careless layouts.

But whatever the reason, the result of a damaged cable is usually the same – a less-than-stellar experience. Before moving onto the next step, make sure your cables and wires are undamaged and in working condition. It is extremely important to replace any damaged wiring or cables, since they could also short out hardware, besides being a potential risk to other people in your home.

Step#4 Check Power Outlets

Of course, service glitches and power supply issues aren’t limited to the cables and wiring itself. Your hardware and wiring may be in perfect condition. But your home’s own wiring may not always stay that way. A power supply interruption, such as a faulty power outlet or fluctuations in voltage could potentially interfere with and disrupt your cable experience. That includes problems with accessing your cable menu.

However, be very careful when checking outlets, fuse boxes, and power cables. Electrical voltage is much lower in residential areas, but the risk of electrocution still remains. If you’re unsure how to fix a plug, always bring in a professional electrician. It’s better to have the job done right the first time than to do it yourself and still need professional later.

Step #5 Try Bringing the Remote Closer

None of the above issues detected? That’s actually good news. You know Cox TV equipment and power supply are not the problems. So that leaves one other possible reason that you can address at your end. Your remote control may have weakened batteries. This is fairly common, and you can fix it by swapping out the batteries for new ones.

You may also want to invest in rechargeable batteries. You can keep two sets to alternate between charging and use without losing the convenience and navigation skills the remote offers. If you can’t immediately swap out the batteries, try moving the remote closer to the TV receiver as a temporary fix. Make sure it is pointed directly at the receiver, and there are no obstructions in the way.

Step #6 Book an Experienced Technician Appointment

If all else fails, don’t panic. It just means the issue is something more complicated that may require expert attention. Simply give your provider’s customer service number a call and book a technician’s appointment. The provider employs teams of trained and experienced technicians that can help you solve a range of technical problems safely and with greater success.

Under no circumstances should you try to take apart your receiver, remote, or any other hardware yourself. Let the professional handle it in a safer way.

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