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5 Ways To Fix Cox Contour Remote Not Working

Fix Cox Contour Remote Not Working

Is your Cox Contour remote stuck and not operating? In times like these, you wish you could fix these types of issues related to Cox TV equipment yourself rather than calling support. It’s not that the support reps don’t respond, but fixing the problem on your own can save a lot of time.

Worry no more! This guide introduces you to quick-solutions for fixing issues with your Cox remote. Just follow these instructions:

Check the Batteries of the Remote

Often, there is no technical issue, your remote just needs new batteries. Although when the remote isn’t working at all, the first thing to click your mind is batteries. However, there are instances where the remote isn’t working properly.

Before trying any other solution, check your batteries. Add a fresh pair of batteries to see if the remote starts working again. After adding new batteries to your remote, you will have to program cox remote to TV again.

Reprogram the Remote

Speaking of programming the remote, sometimes, you have to reprogram the remote again. The remote must be programmed manually to the TV/audio device. Follow these steps to program the device:

  1. Point the remote towards the direction of the receiver and press the TV button.
  2. Once the receiver detects your remote, the screen will show the pairing option.
  3. Enter the key manually.
  4. This key is available inside the remote’s user name.
  5. You may also look for the key online

Note that if the remote is paired with one device at a time, it won’t work with another one. This means if you pair it with the TV, you won’t be able to use it for operating another audio device. You will have to pair it to the audio device for operating.

Distance Matters

Cable TV providers that deliver IR remotes advice to mind the distance and direction when using the remote. You must use them within a relevant distance, which is short. Other than this, you must point the remote directly towards the receiver at a certain angle. In case you are more than 15 meters away, the remote will either won’t work at all or won’t work properly.

Model Compatibility

Checking the model compatibility is pertinent as well. If you have received the equipment from Cox, the remote will obviously be compatible with your receiver. On the other hand, if you have purchased the remote from a third-party store, chances are it’s not compatible.

When you are buying a remote from a third-party store, provide the model number of the remote recommended by Cox. This way, you will eliminate the possibility of having compatibility issues.

Replace the Remote

If the remote fails to work with even new batteries and/or it’s damaged and it’s no longer working, this is a sign you need to get a new remote.

The right approach is to take the damaged remote to the Cox service center. They will inspect it and tell if it can be repaired. If not, then they will provide you with a replacement without wasting much of your time.

Cox Remote Troubleshooting Guide

Now the above remedies work in case the remote isn’t working altogether. But what to do if you are encountering a problem with the remote control? We have brought a solution to these common problems as well. Let’s have a look:

Remote on Controlling the Volume of the TV

In this situation, the volume lock is either set to the TV or the remote is not programmed to the TV. You could easily fix this problem by programming the remote to the TV.

The Remote Works Sometimes

This could be because there’s some object between the remote and the receiver that’s blocking the signal. Or the angle between the receiver and remote is too large. Don’t forget the range of the remote is 15 feet.

Aim the control directly at the front panel of your receiver. Make sure you are not standing too far. If there’s an object or obstacle between the receiver and the receiver, remove it.

The Remote Doesn’t Change Channels

In this scenario, the batteries could be dead, low, or inserted incorrectly. Start by checking the batteries, of course. Press the power button the receiver, if it’s turning on or off, then it means you need to install new batteries and try again. Don’t forget to plug the equipment in an active power outlet.


Luckily, you will be able to apply these remedies without encountering much trouble. But hey, some of us are not great with technology and Cox totally acknowledges such customers. That’s why they have the Cox cable customer service. When you can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong, or you have tried all remedies and your remote doesn’t need replacement either, only a technician can help. Reach out to support for assistance.

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