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Cox Keeps Dropping Connection Easy Ways to Fix

Fix Cox Connection Dropping Issue

Cox is a reliable Internet and cable service provider, but even the best players can sometimes act up. The provider delivers internet services at speed starting from 10 Mbps to 940 Mbps. During COVID, people’s demand for stable internet services increased as many were working from home, studying online, and spending more time than ever over the web.

If your connection isn’t holding up very well, there are some things you can do to make the most of your internet services. This guide walks you through quick-fix methods to prevent your Cox services from disconnecting. Let’s begin:

Check Your Network Speed

Before trying out any other remedy, the first thing to do is check how much speed your network is capable of delivering.

Make sure you know what speed you are paying for. Speed varies depending on Cox internet packages. Look at your bill to find your package in case you don’t remember.

Now perform a speed test by visiting any speed testing site. Check speed in all common areas of the house. Now, compare the results to what you are paying for.

If the speed test result is close to what you are paying for but it’s not fast enough for you, this means you must upgrade your internet plan. 10 Mbps works fine for light browsing. However, if you stream HD videos often, the 50 Mbps plan will be right for you. In case you are getting less than you are paying for, contact the provider right away.

Hit Restart

Sometimes, the connection issue could be resolved by simply restarting the router/modem.

It lets you restart the modem using your app. Or follow the steps to do it manually:

  1. Unplug the modem
  2. Wait for a few minutes
  3. Plug it back in
  4. Insert the coaxial cable into the modem completely

Give it time and once the internet is connected, test the speed on different devices. This should fix minor connectivity issues.

Use Cox Equipment

Instead of using third-party equipment, consider sticking to this connection. For instance, gamers can benefit from Elite game service by the provider. It costs $7 extra but you would be getting an optimized Internet service that supports almost all popular games.

Consider Upgrading the Modem/Router

Always use equipment that supports the speed you are paying for. If you have a decent internet speed bundle but you’re unable to enjoy the service, maybe it’s a sign your Cox panoramic router needs an upgrade.

You must use a modem supporting DOCSIS 3.0 at the very least. Ideally, move to Wi-Fi 6 routers because they are speedy and smooth.

Get a Wi-Fi Signal Boost

This is particularly true if you live in a large home or there are lots of elements that could be blocking Wi-Fi signals.

To get the best speed, sit closer to the modem or router. If your internet is being bottlenecked because of signal blockage, get a Wi-Fi signal booster. This should improve the speed and help you optimize your network.

Check Connectors

Take the time to inspect coaxial connectors. They may look perfectly alright but sometimes a loose connector or disturbance within the mesh can disrupt signals.

Check the connectors and make sure they are fixed properly. If there is damage, have the connector replaced. If it’s loose, take it off completely and fit it tightly. Try connecting to the internet again.

Remove Wireless Interferences

Routers normally operate on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The latter is faster than the former. Most wireless devices operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency and this frequency can disrupt Wi-Fi signals. What are these devices you ask? Cordless phones, baby monitors, refrigerators, and microwaves.

As recommended, maintain the following distances between your home appliances and your wireless device:

  • 40 feet for microwave
  • 20 to 40 feet for a baby monitor
  • 20-30 feet for cordless home phones
  • 20 feet for Bluetooth devices

Check the Cables

If a power cable is damaged or broken, this could disrupt the connection. Inspect all cables and look for a sharp bend. Replace the cable if necessary. These are standard cables that are easy to find and buy online.

Also, make sure the coaxial cables are not mixed with other electric cables. This could interfere with the signals too, you know.

Avoid the Internet Rush Hour

At times, there is no technical problem at all, you are simply using the internet during the rush hours. This peak hour is between 6 pm and 10 pm. Too many people are connected to the internet during this time because of which you won’t be able to enjoy your Cox bundles even if you have subscribed to the highest tier.

Try running a speed test during the peak hour to see what speed you are getting and plan your internet usage based on that.

This is not a good time to download any content, play HD games, or stream. But if you must, connect your laptop or PC to the Ethernet cable for a speed boost.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Devices connected to the Web

The more devices that connect to your wireless network, the slower speed each connected device will receive. TV and computers consume more bandwidth compared to mobile devices. Then, certain activities consume more bandwidth than others.

If your Internet speed is slow and you are in the middle of an important work task, check who’s connected to the web. Maybe your younger sibling is playing an HD game or your mom is streaming a 4K video. Obviously, if their online activity is consuming significant bandwidth, then your experience will suffer. Also, check your cox bill. If it’s not paid, dial the Cox bill pay phone number for a permanent fix.

Turn off all computers, TV, and tablets that are connected to the wireless network but not in use. They would be silently hogging all bandwidth. Make sure no unnecessary apps are running in the background. Make sure no one is streaming a movie or playing a heavy game.

Know When To Call Support

Some problems can’t be solved on your own. If you have tried everything on this list and your internet connection is still acting up, maybe there is a network outage or there’s a technical issue.

In that case, call its customer support department and get in touch with a representative to explain what you are experiencing. Don’t forget to tell them you have tried all the basic remedies so that they can assist you further.

All the best!

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