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How To Fix Cox Error Starting Initial App Code IA09?

Mobile App Error Code IA09

When it comes to using and handling technology, most of us are good at learning it. However, when it is about troubleshooting or fixing errors and glitches, that’s not everybody’s piece of cake. Therefore, people who consider themselves technically challenged, tend to call in a technician to fix those issues for them.

But if you are smart and want to save up on a few bucks, the internet can be your savior. All you need to do is to type a few words, search them in those highly powerful search engines, and voila! You will be presented with tons of comprehensive guides to help you fix those issues yourself.

Since we have Cox error IA09 in question here, you can go to Google and search for any possible issue with Cox and you will get your solution in a matter of few clicks. For instance, you want to fix Cox DVR recording problems. You can look up the said issue and follow a step-by-step guide from a seemingly effective page. And you will see that you will be able to sort your problem without any professional help.

Fixing the Error Starting Initial App Code IA09 with Cox

Consider this blog a similar guide. So, let’s fix this glitch and take this task head head-on. The users of the TV streaming service by Cox exclusively experience the App Code IA09. You will see this code when you turn your mini box on. It will have no coverage. Moreover, this error code is common for the users of the contour system by the Cox TV service.

You may have to fix Cox mini box, but before that, you need to know what this code represents. The said code is an indication of no signal coverage. Your mini box is unable to retrieve any signals from your Cox cable. Therefore, the error will be displayed on your screen.

However, this issue is pretty common and simple. Subscribers experience it often and it doesn’t take much effort to fix it. Let’s help you with simple steps to fix it on your own.

Troubleshooting Error App Code IA09

Try these quick and easy fixes to have your cable service up and running in no time!

Rebooting the Mini Box

It may sound unlikely that this code is appearing because of an issue in the mini box. However, you shouldn’t ignore your chances. You can easily confirm it. Simply reboot your mini box and you would know if it the culprit.

Chances are rare but sometimes, your mini box can be stuck due to a hardware error or a loop, resulting in no cable coverage. So, simply unplug it from the socket, wait for a minute or so, and plug it back in. Once it restarts, you will know if the mini box was the culprit. If the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

Check All the Cables

The next thing you need to see are the cables. Check the main wire that is linked to the wall socket and your mini box. Notice if the cable is in its optimal condition. If there are bends, worn-out areas, or any other signs of wear and tear, then chances are that it is damaged. You need to replace it.

Moreover, coaxial cables tend to get interference and this can be a problem in smooth signal coverage. Therefore, make sure that don’t wire the coaxial cable with another electric or telephone cable. In addition, make sure the cable is tied well. It shouldn’t be hanging loose.

After careful scrutiny of your cable, take a look at the connectors. The connectors need to be just right on both ends of the coaxial cable. Make sure they are tied properly and have no corrosion or rust. If there is, you may face glitches and interruption in signal coverage, and other similar problems. So, replace them right away.

Get in Touch with Cox Customer Support

If nothing works and you are unable to make things work, then reach out to the Cox customer support service. You may have to listen to a word or two about Cox’s Panoramic WiFi or their other promotions and services, but you will eventually be directed to a rep.

Enlighten them about the issue you are experiencing and then they will enlighten you about the solutions they can offer. Moreover, if there is a rare incident of an outage faced by the entire area, they will let you know.

Otherwise, they will send a team of professionals to your house, who will detect the issue and resolve it. Good luck!

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