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Ways To Fix Cox Mini Box Not Working

Ways To Fix Cox Mini Box Not Working

Cox Cable, with its digital services, is taking the TV viewing experience to another level. Its DVR recorder called, the mini box, which is so fun to use. Pause or record your favorite programs whenever you like. Plus, it’s very simple to operate. After all, who wouldn’t admire the ability to record a new episode of their favorite news bulletin or any other program to watch later on!

You must have noticed that sometimes, the mini box displays an error. This includes the no-signal error and similar other issues. You don’t need technical experience to resolve such minor issues. Since you have already learned to program Cox remote to the TV, you will be able to learn the solution to troubleshoot the mini box too.

Ready to fix the Cox mini box problem? Here are some ways to get started:

#1: Restart the Mini Box

The first trick in the book of all fixes is to restart your equipment. Wondering what kind of issues you may need to resolve by restarting the mini box? These include playback recording getting stuck, error in playing the recording, and similar other issues.

Restarting the mini box is very simple. All you have to do is unplug it from the socket or turn off the power button. Wait for at least 60 seconds and then plug it back again. This quick-fix should solve minor problems.

#2: Check the Memory of the DVR

Sometimes, the error you are encountering is because the memory on your DVR is full. Many users fail to check the memory of the mini box.

Every DVR box has a hard disk inside where it stores all the recorded programs. Once the memory is full, the device will fail to store more programs. That’s pretty obvious. In the event when you are experiencing trouble record, check the memory of your mini box.

Ideally, you should delete old programs, which you no longer want to watch. Empty up the storage so that there’s room for storing more files. If you feel your storage space is limited, you can always buy additional storage by contacting Cox cable in Tucson, or, wherever you are.

#3: Coverage Problem

If the videos are getting stuck, this is a sign that’s an issue in your coverage or there’s a broadcast issue at the provider’s end.

The mini box records whatever is playing on the screen. If there’s an issue in the show during its programming, that will be recorded as well. There’s nothing you can do about such an error.

Play your TV and see if the broadcast is error-free now. Chances are there was a broadcast problem earlier and it’s fixed now. On the other hand, if the issue prevails on your cable, then first check the cable outlets to be sure everything is connected. Then, call Cox cable customer service.

Cox Mini Box Troubleshooting Tips

When you experience trouble with your cable TV, follow these tips:

Check the TV Input

Make sure the TV is on the correct input.

  • If it’s coax cable, the right input is channel 3.
  • If it’s HDMI, the correct inputs are 1, 2, and 3.

Check the Light

Make sure the green light of the mini box is solid. If it’s blinking, it means there is no signal. On the other hand, if it’s solid, that means it has a signal.

Program the TV Remote

The TV remote must be programmed already. Check the instruction manual for a step-by-step guide to program the remote.

If it’s set already, make sure the remote you are using is correct. Note that you can program only one remote per mini box.

Make Sure It’s Connected

Last but not least, make sure the mini box is connected. Don’t forget to check all other cable outlets as well.

If the Problem Prevails, Contact Support

These tips should fix make your Cox mini box work again fine. Some of these tips can be useful for other Cox TV equipment as well.

However, if the problem were about hardware or any other technical issue, then contacting customer support would be the right thing to do. The representative will find the underlying cause of the problem and present a solution.


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