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Cox Internet Slow At Night: 7 Easy Ways To Fix

fix cox internet slow at night

Cox Internet is an American broadband service provider. It also offers cable television and home security services. Users can choose from multiple bundle packages. Each bundle comes with different bandwidth, speed, and download cap. The company enjoys a good reputation as a leading provider of broadband and cable services.  

Reasons for  a Slow Speed of Your Internet

However, several users have complained about receiving low connection speeds at night. Some say that they cannot access certain websites or download large files during late hours. If you are a Cox user and experiencing similar problems then don’t worry. There could be several reasons behind slow internet speed at night.  

  • Outdated router  
  • Overcrowded bandwidth  
  • Too many devices using internet at once time  
  • Broken connection  
  • Bad weather  
  • Low network coverage  

Steps to Fix It

Here’s how to fix slow internet speed:  

Restart Your Router

Continuously using the router can clog up the device’s memory. Consequently, the router will slow down and affect your connection speed. The Cox Panoramic router is the only device the company offers for rental. You can improve the speed by unplugging the device from the power source. The reboot will provide the router with the time it needs to rest.  

Turn over your device and you’ll find a power button. Press it to switch off the router. You won’t need to unplug the power cable to restart the device. Wait for a few minutes. This will give your router ample time to declutter its memory. Press the power button again after a few minutes. Wait for the device to stabilize. Check the speed of your connection on your smartphone or PC.  

Check the Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the capacity of data that can be transferred across a network in a given time period. It is measured in bits per second (Bps). The Windows Task Manager on your PC shows basic information about Wi-Fi and ethernet connection. You can also run a speed test on your computer. Internet connections often get overcrowded at night. This is because too many people use the Cox internet during late hours.  

You can call the customer service number of your provider to know about the bandwidth usage. Chances are that many users will be active on the Internet, resulting in slow speed. On the contrary, your ISP might be testing new updates on their server. You can either wait for the speed to return to normal or confirm the waiting time from your provider.  

Identify Additional Devices

Connecting too many devices to the Internet at once can slow down the speed. Apart from your family members, your guests might be using your Wi-Fi connection. You can check to confirm the number of devices attached to your network. Log in to your router using your admin credentials. You’ll come across a section of attached devices. Sift through the section to recognize devices that are yours.  

 Someone might be stealing your internet. You can identify legitimate connections and remove the ones you don’t recognize. It is advisable to reset your router’s password to prevent unauthorized access to your internet connection. This way you can ensure authorized access to your Wi-Fi network. You can also block unknown users from accessing your internet device in the future.  

Ensure that All Cables are Properly Plugged

Damaged or loose wires prevent proper transmission of power and signals. Make sure nothing in your house is interfering with cables. You can place your router at a certain elevation to prevent signals from getting blocked. Remove curtains, furniture, or any other object that interferes with connectivity. Moreover, make sure that all cables are properly connected to the cords. Replace any damaged cable with a new one.  

Check for Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can affect internet speed. Extreme weather events like heavy rainfall and storm often disrupt internet connections. Weather conditions like hailstorms can damage internet cables. If the weather is the reason behind the disruption, then there’s nothing you can do except waiting. Bad weather will affect the entire internet network and not just a single household. So, you won’t be the only one grinding your teeth.  

Know What’s the Range of Your ISP

Your IPS might not be able to provide 100% coverage. If you live in a rural area or close to sensitive installations like security posts and airports, chances are you’ll experience a bad internet connection. It is advisable to confirm the range of your ISP before making a final decision. Top service providers like Cox guarantee universal coverage but they have their limitations. Contact your ISP to know about their infrastructure. Moreover, you can ask fellow users about their experience with the ISP.  

Upgrade Your Internet

You can always upgrade to better internet packages with Cox. Contact their customer support executive to know about the data plans and internet offers. Moreover, you can ask the company to increase your bandwidth limit. The company also provides separate IP lines in designated areas. These lines provide excellent internet speed by reducing the load on bandwidth. Lastly, remember to upgrade to a connection that offers multiple benefits. Get a package that delivers more on speed and bandwidth limit.  


You can improve your internet speed by trying out the aforementioned methods. It is advisable to check the status of your connection speed before going for the upgrade. If the majority of the households is experiencing low internet speed, then you should contact your service provider. You can run several tests to make sure that you are receiving the speed committed by your service provider.

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