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ESPN User Not Authorized Error On Cox: Easy Fixes

ESPN User Not Authorized Error On Cox Easy Fixes

If you have ESPN on Cox cable, you can certainly relate to the ESPN User not authorized error! This error does not have anything to do with Cox bundles. In fact, it can appear on any type of cable.

This error usually occurs when a device is de-authorized. This means that the package with your provider doesn’t include the required TV channel subscription. At times, you have the channel’s subscription but are still faced with the user not authorized error. This happens when a channel has been recently added to your TV box but a signal for an update has not been received.

An obvious approach would be making attempts again and if your attempts fail to resolve the error, you would be inclined to contact your cable provider. To help you save time and fix the error on your own, this guide brings you some quick-to-try solutions.

Let’s dive right into them:

1: Check Other Channels

The first thing to do is to check if the same error is appearing on channels other than ESPN. The goal is to see if it’s ESPN or other channels that have the same issue. This will give you some clarity on the issue. If some other channels are displaying the “user not authorized” error, this could be a sign of a technical problem at your provider’s end. You might have to make a call to customer support.

On the other hand, if it’s just with ESPN, then move forward with the troubleshooting tips shared in the next steps.

2: Restart Your Cable Box

There is no minor error that a restart or reboot can’t solve! At times, a temporary glitch can cause your services to act up. simply hitting the restart button can fix everything. It’s very simple.

Unplug your cable box from the TV as well as the electric socket. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and plug back everything. Turn on your Cox cable and tune in to ESPN again. This should restore everything and you should be able to watch the broadcast. In case this doesn’t work, move on to the next remedy.

3: Re-Visit Your TV Package for Channel Availability

There’s no harm in going back to reassure the channel you are trying to view is included in your subscription. If you know which Cox cable package you are subscribed to, you can always confirm which channels are included by exploring the channel guide available online. In case you have forgotten the name of your package, check your bill. It should be listed there.

If your current package does not carry ESPN, this explains why are you facing the error. However, if your package carries ESPN, it’s recommended to contact support.

4: Authorization Signal Issue

Sometimes, a delay in the authorization signal can cause this error. This happens when you have newly subscribed to a package or added a new channel to your package. If the authorization signal is not available, you won’t be able to tune in to the channel.

This means you might have to contact your cable provider to ensure the subscription is activated. Otherwise, you will keep running into this error.

5: Check the Quality of Your Cable

The coaxial cable which you are using with your cable box has a significant role to play when it comes to getting signals. If the cable quality is mediocre, the box might not able to authorize a few channels on the screen. Poor signal quality will make you run into the authorization error frequently.

Getting a high-quality coaxial cable is a good investment.  There is also a possibility that the cable has dents or damage. Look for signs of damage and if necessary, have the cable replaced. Reconnect with a new cable. Once the signal quality is restored, you will be able to watch ESPN right away.

6: Check For Service Outage

If there’s a service outage, you won’t be able to tune in to any channel be it ESPN or others. A service outage is usually evident. Most providers broadcast the news on their website and social media handles. Cox communication does that too. Sometimes, the outage is in certain regions only, and on rare occasions, a few services are available and a few aren’t.

For instance, along with authorization errors, you could be facing DNS issues on your internet. It’s best to check in with your cable provider to inquire about a service outage.

7: When All Fails, Call Customer Care

Tried all solutions presented here but the “user not authorized error” didn’t disappear? Instead of trying any other remedy, simply reach out to Cox support.

Tell them you have tried everything you know (restarting the cable, replacing the cable, etc.). The support agent will look into the error and provide a solution depending on your case.

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