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Optimum 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up: 5 Ways To Fix

Fix Optimum 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up

If you have an internet connection with Optimum, you probably get some of the best services in your area. It is one of the top internet service providers out there and offers high speeds, top-notch equipment, and impressive signal strength. Furthermore, You also get access to an extensive list of premium features on some of the Optimum plans. It also offers widespread coverage, so it is definitely a viable option.

Its long list of features includes access to 5GHz WiFi with its routers. In most cases, you can just switch over from the more common 2.4GHz to the less crowded 5GHz frequency with the press of a button. However, this may sometimes not work, due to a variety of reasons. You can figure out most of these reasons quite easily, and find simple solutions. Here are a few of the most common fixes if your Optimum 5Ghz WiFi is not showing up on your devices.

Resetting the Router

Your Optimum internet plans come with their own routers, and these are by the most reputable hardware manufacturers in the business. Most of the time, you can simply switch to 5GHZ by pressing the relevant button on your router. However, if your devices don’t detect this connection after you’ve done this step, there may be an issue.

The first thing you should do is reset your router. There will be a reset button on your router, and all you have to do is press it. Let the router be for a few minutes, and wait for it to light up and show it’s completely switched on. Then, check your devices to see if they’re detecting your new 5GHz connection. Most of the time, this simple solution will work, and you can use your interference-free internet to your heart’s content. Sometimes, you may have to restart your device’s Wi-Fi adapter to get access to this connection. Otherwise, it should work just fine.

Running a Power Cycle

If you’ve switched over to the 5GHz Wifi frequency and still facing an Optimum error code, simply restarting your router may not be the solution. In that case, you should take both your modem and your router through a complete power cycle.

A power cycle refers to when you unplug these devices and then restart them to give your internet a hard reset of some kind. With your internet, you just have to unplug the power cables at the back of both your modem and your router. Then, leave them unplugged for a few minutes. After that, reattach the cables and start-up both your modem and router again, making sure your 5GHz option is enabled.

Wait for the devices to light up and go online before checking your connection. This should work most of the time, and you can get to surfing the internet with faster speeds and less signal interference.

Confirming If Wi-Fi Is Hidden

Another basic thing you should check is if your network is hidden or not. Hiding your network is an effective way to add a layer of privacy and protection. However, it may result in issues with detecting your 5GHz connection. Many devices may not be able to find your internet connection, causing issues for you.

You can check these settings in the Network and Internet Settings Menu in Windows devices by following the given steps.

  • In-Network And Internet Settings, choose the Wi-Fi tab
  • Select Manage Known Networks and click on the Add A Network option
  • Write the SSID in the Network Name BOC
  • Select the security type
  • Enter the password in the Security Key box
  • Select the Connect Automatically option
  • Select the Save option

This should make your internet connection accessible on your device, with no hurdles in place. Make sure you have access to these settings in order to make these changes.

Checking Device Settings

Sometimes, your device is the problem instead of the connection itself. Therefore, you should check whether your 5GHz Wi-Fi is not showing up on all your devices or just one. So, do not assume there’s a network issue if you’ve only checked with one device.

If it looks like your device is the issue, then you should check its settings. See if its Wi-Fi adapters are updated or not. In addition, see if all the drivers are working and whether you have safety protocols in place in case of new connections. If you have a company device, this is a very common problem, as most businesses install numerous protective measures in their employees’ devices to prevent data leaks or misuse.

Looking for Signal Interference

The reason why 5GHz internet is such a good option is that it faces much less interference than the more common 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel. Most devices run on the 2.4GHz channel, but there may be some exceptions in your house. Therefore, you should check whether your appliances or other smart devices are creating interference.

This interference will prevent your internet connection from showing up. To solve this, you may need to change up your devices’ placement around your house. In addition, you should make sure your router is in a central part of your home, allowing access to most of the area.

Contacting Your ISP

If all else fails, you should contact your internet service provider.  The customer service helpline is for many more purposes than just Optimum bill pay issues. You can contact the service at any time and lodge a complaint about your internet connection.

The representative will walk you through a few solutions, which should work in most cases. However, if that still doesn’t work, they’ll send someone over to take a look and figure out the problem.

So, if your Wi-Fi is not showing up, there are a number of solutions to the problem. Most of these are quite simple, and you may only have to contact the ISP as a last resort.

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