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5 Ways to Fix Spectrum 5GHz Wi-Fi Not Working

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If there is anything that a household needs in these times, it is a blazing fast Internet connection. As everything depends on the availability of the Internet. And the rise of smart homes means that you won’t be able to operate many of the electronics in your house without having access to the Internet either. In case you are a subscriber of Spectrum Home Wi-Fi, there is nothing much for you to worry about. As you won’t have to deal with Internet downtime or slow speeds.

However, there can be rare instances when your 5GHz Wi-Fi starts posing problems. There are ways to resolve this issue. But before that, you should know about the importance of speed tests.

Importance of Conducting a Speed Test

In case you feel that your Internet is posing issues but you are not sure what exactly it is, then you should take a speed test. Because you will get a clear idea of the issue that you are facing is Internet speed or device-related. All you need is an Ethernet cable that you can use to connect your device and router.

Once done, you should look for the upload and download speeds and see if they match what is mentioned in your package. In case, the two don’t match, you can say that speed is the issue. Otherwise, you can go on to fixing the router.

Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Issues

Competing the Devices

If you disconnect all the devices from your Wi-Fi and the router suggests that the Internet is working fine, then you need to retake the speed test after connecting all the devices. The more the devices you connect to the Wi-Fi, the more each one of them will consume the bandwidth. And rightfully so.

However, the fact is that you cannot ask anyone from your house to disconnect his/her device from the Wi-Fi. Because that kills the whole purpose of having a home Wi-Fi doesn’t it. So, what you can do is, limit the number of devices on your router. Not only will you be able to solve the speed issue using this trick but also any disconnection problems.

You can call Spectrum Customer Support to learn more about this.

What About Damaged Devices?

You also need to look out for any broken or damaged devices that you may have. As they can pose problems for you too. For those of you who are not familiar, damaged devices are capable of sending unnecessary network requests to the router. This means that it deprives you of the data that you could otherwise use. And within no time all you will have to yourself will be a damaged device. Note that your data will get consumed at a fast pace if you have a damaged device.

Old Devices

Not only damaged, but old devices can be equally troublesome. As those devices use obsolete technology. So, it will force you into believing that there is an issue with your router or Wi-Fi. When in reality your old device will be to blame. As it will not be compatible with the latest router. If it were for your device alone, you could have managed but an old device interferes with the network of other devices as well. Hence, creating issues for every device that connects to the Wi-Fi. You can have a look at the self-installation guide if you wish to learn more.

Router Distance

Another factor that you should consider is the router’s distance from the devices. As a thumb rule, your router should not be more than 125 feet away from the device. So, if you think that you are not within the range, then you should try moving in it and seeing if you are still having issues.

Interfering Obstacles

At times, the obstacles present around the router also cause it to give you access to slow speed Internet. You may not realize but some of the obstacles include having walls between the router and the device. Other than that, if you have any magnetic or electronic device lying around your router, you will have to face network issues too. Therefore, make sure that there are none.

Also, to have access to the best possible signal strength, consider placing the router in roughly the middle of your house. You will notice a difference that this trick has on the speed and signal strength.

If neither of the above tricks works, then you will have to contact the Internet Assist center that Spectrum has. The reps will be able to guide you better.

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