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What Channel is Fox on FiOS Frontier

What Channel is Fox on FiOS Frontier?

Whether it is news, lifestyle, sports or entertainment, Fox has got you covered. Many households in the United States have got Fox on FiOS TV. They are willing to pay whatever it takes to subscribe to this premium channel. Why not when it brings entertainment on your fingertips?

Fox on FiOS – The 4th Successful TV Network

It is the corporation’s flagship property. It has earned the position of the most-watched American TV network. It’s the 4th successful TV network after ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Initially, despite having so many successful shows, it was considered as the network that airs that cartoon show (The Simpsons). It was recognized as a viable competitor after winning broadcast TV rights to the National Football League from CBS.

Those who have subscribed to Frontier TV packages, here is the Fios channel list and its channel variants. Choose the channel number depending on your state to start watching.

Channel Name SD HD
Fox Business Network 117 617
Fox News 118 618
Fox Sports 1 83 583
Fox Sports 2 84 584
Fox Deportes 311
Fox Life 1582

Some Popular Shows to Watch

From its launch till today, the network has taken many smart risks. It aired shows no other networks dared to air. Shows like:

  • Married… with Children
  • 90219
  • Cops
  • The Simpsons
  • Melrose Place
  • etc.

There is just as much variety as you would find on HBO.

From movies, original TV shows, comedy shows to late-night shows, the choice is unlimited. The popular shows aired on the network today include:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Family Guy
  • The Resident
  • Master Chef
  • etc.

Fox Business Network on FiOS – Stay on Top of Financial News

The network discusses business and financial news. Kevin Magee, the executive VP runs of News, manages the content and news coverage of this network. It is available to 63.8 percent of the households in the United States.

When the network hosted its first Republican presidential primary debate, the rating and streaming records even surpassed that of the 2015 Super Bowl.

When this channel was being premiered, it was quoted that the network will take a different approach. It will be particularly different from its competitor CNBC, which is quite negative towards business.

Fox News Channel on FiOS – For the News Lovers

If you have Fox on FiOS, you would definitely want to have this channel too. The channel is not just available in the United States, it’s provided in 86 countries worldwide. The international broadcasts of the channel feature a segment during advertisement breaks.

The channel is known for biased reporting in favor of the Republican Party. That’s why most of its talk shows speak in favor of the Donald Trump Administration. The channel, however, has always denied basis in news reporting.

Fox Sports 1 on FiOS – Tune into Live Sporting Events

Also known as FS1, it’s the replacement of Motorsports Network Speed and Fuel TV. The network absorbed most of the sports programming from these two networks.

It airs a variety of live sporting events like college sports, soccer matches, and Major league baseball. Apart from living sporting events, the channel also broadcasts specialty problems such as Baseball’s Golden Age and The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Extreme Sports Entertainment with Fox Sports 2 on FiOS

FS2 was founded as Fuel TV. The channel focused on extreme sports like surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Its presence expanded with UFC-mixed martial arts programs.

In 2013, the channel was rebranded with the current name. The primary focus on the channel was newly launched mainstream sports networks FS1.

Apart from featuring news and analysis programs from FS1, the network also broadcasts UFC related programs and sporting events such as NASCAR. Those looking for a variety might want to settle for FS2 as well.

Fox Deportes on FiOS – Sports Entertainment in Spanish

It’s another sports-related channel that broadcasts programming in Spanish. That’s because the channel is basically aimed at the Hispanic population in the U.S. It’s known as the first of the longest-running sports network broadcasting in the Spanish language.

The network features a range of programs. They include pre and post-game seasons of NFL, MLB, National League Championship Series, NASCAR, boxing champions, MLS, MX, and more.

Fox Life on FiOS – Lifestyle, Food, & More

This network airs across Latin America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe. It airs a number of TV series, movies, sitcoms, and some other original programs. You will also see cooking shows and soap operas.

If you have Starz but you don’t have this channel on your FiOS cable, you are missing out. You can explore the packages offered by FiOS to subscribe to this premium channel. Contact Frontier customer support to get all the help you need.

Once you receive the channel’s subscription, choose the channel number according to your state and start enjoying the variety.

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