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What Channel is Freeform on Optimum?

Freeform on Optimum

Everyone likes a one-channel stop when it comes to fulfilling entertainment needs. It saves one the hassle to swap through channels before settling on one. Well, Freeform on Optimum offers just that and more. Could there be a better option that one could get!

Why Should You Opt for Freeform on Optimum?

Freeform is a channel that you can resort to if you want to watch a movie that is as old as you are (referring to millennials here). You will find an array of titles of both shows and movies on this channel. For those of you who do not, Freeform was formerly known as ABC Family.

However, the focus of the channel has always been entertaining teens and young adults. The channel underwent a lot of changes when it comes to its name. From Fox Family in 1998 to Freeform in 2016, the channel entertained generations in between.

And it continues to engage people with a huge variety of shows and films. The channel used to broadcast sports events as well. If you want to opt for Freeform, the channel lineup table will help you locate the channel easily on Optimum in each state.

Channel Name Channel Number
Freeform 49


Shows and Films Worth Watching

You need to be aware of the right cable packages that offer Freeform and you can relish watching the following shows and movies – some may also be available on FX:

10 Things I Hate About You

No, it is not the movie that you watched. 10 Things I Hate About You is also a show that goes by the same name as the movie. The story revolves around two sisters- Bianca and Kat Stratford. But that’s the only common thing between the two. The personalities of both the sisters are quite opposite of each other.

In the show, these two sisters have recently moved from Ohio to California. Starting at their new school means having set goals. And both sisters have different goals to achieve. Where one sister wants to be different, the other just struggles to fit in with the crowd. The journey of both the sisters in the show will be a fun watch.

Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy is a sitcom that narrates the story of a New York-based bartender and bachelor Ben. Ben’s life changes when a one-night stand leaves at his doorstep his baby one night. The baby goes by the name of Emma. Ben is not ready for this very unexpected surprise of course. He takes the help of his two dear friends Tucker and Riley along with his brother Danny to look after the baby.

There are more shows that you can relish watching as well. In case you get bored with one channel, you can always check out other channels like Paramount or your entertainment needs. Optimum has a lot of other channels in the package as well. But before that have a look at the list of other shows that you can enjoy watching.

Alone Together

This show revolves around the story of two people who are not a couple. But they are a thing. Benji and Esther are platonic best friends. Both of them struggle to get acceptance from the status-conscious people in LA. They both have each other’s back if there is any minor or major inconvenience in either of their lives.

Becoming Us

You will love this show as it narrates a very different story. In this show, a teenage boy named Ben struggles to come to terms with the fact that his father is now a woman. Watch Ben’s story as he finds a way to deal with this traumatic news. If you think this will get too emotional, you can always switch to MTV to enjoy some light mood shows.


Here’s a list of movies that you can relish watching on Freeform on Optimum:

  • Beauty & the Briefcase
  • Crimes of Fashion
  • Fallen
  • Hello Sister Goodbye Life
  • Love the Coopers
  • Matilda

You will love the list more than that of Starz. However, you are a better judge of what works best for you. You won’t find any news on the channel though, and for that, you will have to resort to channels like CNN. For movies and shows, you can always tune into Freeform.

You just need to be aware of the right Optimum bundles to subscribe to Freeform and many more channels that you like.

Why Optimum?

Apart from the uninterrupted service, you will get a wide range of packages and deals that you can choose from. Every bundle comes with many features so it’s better to get all the details from their customer support. The reps will help you to figure out which package would match your needs best.

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